South Korea will remove evolution from its high school textbooks


Next time you hop on a plane you better make sure they don’t fly you and all the other passengers right off the edge of the earth.


no offense to anyone w/ so. Korean heritage, but your homeland is filled with a bunch of Uncle Toms. is there anyone there who still practices the native religions from Korea before the Jap occupation and the Korean War?


If they don’t teach evolution then how will they explain how Koreans are the master race?


There’s a difference between Korean pride and Korean supremacy.


if they don’t teach evolution how will they know that two South Korean players, Poongko and Infiltration, placed 3rd at the fighting game world championship series.for SSF4 :frowning:


North Korea is best Korea.


Explains why South Korea imports pills made from dead Chinese babies. They must not believe in germ theory either since understanding the evolution of bacteria is involved in the development of antibiotics.


I guess there will be no South Koreans attending this year’s Evo.


Welp, thats a wrap. No more Koreans at EVO.


Sexing up their hot young girls is still okay though, right? Right?


This is awful.
How will kids research +1 carapace?


it’s funny that they will remove Evolution from text books despite the fact that they will still treat Flips and Japonese like sub-human apes.


Why though? Is it because of the powerful Christian influence?

EDIT: Err, should have read the articles first.


(“Good” to know that the U.S. and “the Middle East” aren’t the only places where religion makes the government utterly idiotic and corrupt. So very nice to have my faith in humanity increase by leaps and bounds every day.)

On the one hand, I want to shake my head due to how much flack evolution still gets more than a century and a half later, especially given how relatively harmless and non-threatening it is to religion in the first place. Religion pretty much always goes after the theory of evolution as applied to nature rather than far more harmful idiocy that is “social darwinism” as well, which is…grating. I’d ask if people are that insecure in their faith of God’s strength/power or whatever that they have to target it and other things, but I already know the answer to that.

(Yes, I read that religion isn’t the sole factor of being against it. Still.)

On the other hand, considering how far behind the U.S. is in education, South Korea sabotaging itself potentially works in our favor, though we’ve a shitload more work to do to not be as laughable as we are, especially since half of the country here has the same “anti-evolution” mindset and worse when it comes to schooling (and other things). We need all the help we can get really, though. So as long as South Korea is doing something benign like this, however stupid, compared to more inflammatory or discriminatory (or harmful/deadly) actions, whether due to religion like many Middle Eastern countries or secular reasons like its Northern self, this sadly might be “good” (for us).

Regardless, I certainly have less respect for South Korea now.

One being Starcraft and the other being…Starcraft 2?


How do they not teach evolution but maintain the myth of fan death?


The worst part is that the students won’t even get the chance to decide for themselves about the matter. I don’t really know anything about S. Korea but do they not have a separation of state and religion? How can they allow a religious groups beliefs to affect what is taught in **public **schools?


1 ASIAN power down, 3 more to go.

Now I can soundly and proudly say, N.Korea, best Korea. This law is a regressive and as oppressive as some of the shit N.Korea has. Its complete censorship (relative to children) on such a fundamental subject that builds the foundations needed to understand your body more as a whole.


someone was telling me about this in the bar and i just assumed they were drunk bcuz it doesn’t make sense considering what i know about koreans…but oh well.


dayum, im catholic, but i know that the creationism is pure bullshit, hell, pope john paul ii accepted the evolution theory already, its like some folks didnt get the memo that beliving on god doesnt mean that you have to be an iliterate chimp


I would say that most all laws that rule in favour of a religious agenda are oppressive. Religion is mostly oppressive by nature due to the attitude of “if you don’t do everything exactly how I want you are fucked for eternity” and whatnot. Yes, this is a blanket statement but for the most part I think it is correct.