South Orange County Players? Beach City's ie (SJC, MV, AV, LB, CDM, LH, ET, LF, AN, DP, SC, SB, RSM)


Looking for south Orange County casuals.
there’s basically little to no arcade action.
where’s my people at yo!!!


Are you located anywhere close to UCI? They have a pretty strong scene.


yes I am but was looking for something more regular for ae maybe sfxt
I’m pretty new and I know they be bang’in at UCI so I should check it yah.


They still hold weeklies afaik. If you want a place that you can just drop in and play games any day of the week, like an arcade, there isn’t one near you unless you count Dave N Busters. Alex’s Arcade has a good AE setup but they’re located in Santa Ana.

As far as convenience goes, UCI is your best bet. They’ve got a solid group of players ranging from newbies to tournament veterans, and they’re all willing to play you and help you out. With SFxT 2013 being at major tournaments this year, most likely they’ll have guys who play both games, but you’ll have to check with them on their forum post or contact them personally.


I’m in san clemente. Looking to get on that marvel. Holla.


I’m down but more for that street, respect ultimate, marvel and tkxs. message me bra