South Park The Stick Of Truth - My Jew-Jitsu is the strongest in all the world


Picked it up yesterday and i have legitimately not laughed this hard at anything in a long time.
Lowbro insight in it’s finest form.

Never fart on a mans balls.

The reviews so far are fantastic, looks like all the delays were well worth the investment.


Heard a lot of good things about it with the only real problem being its pretty short.


Had not read that, hopefully there is a lot of post game or $$$LC coming out then.


Game is so good, if you need any idea of the comedy in the game check out this scene from my playthrough last night

doing the second half tonight on


Basically my opinion on it:

Gameplay is actually legit, I was shocked with how much there was to explore among the town. I started the game, only to be wondering around town for over an hour, finding really awesome things from the show and obtaining a lot of side quests. Running into old characters felt really cool, seeing and hearing them again.

But it does lacks in some departments.
The moves and abilities are interesting, but I was expecting more options. Granted, what they give you is enough, but I was hoping for more variety on your character’s end. However, the fact that you’re limited to only 2 characters on the field is a bit… strange to me. I feel like 3 would’ve done nice to increase strategy, but 2 works out too, I guess.

Music is actually really well done. The battle theme sounds like a cover of the Elder Scroll’s theme with it’s own course (to avoid copy right, I suppose lol).

The story is what you’d expect from a typical South Park 3 part episode (except this is more like a 10 part episode). If you enjoy South Park, then you’ll love the story to this game. It starts off with the typical “kids just playing in their backyard dealing with simple conflicts from their neighborhood surrounds”, issues transitions into a city panic, and then into a national security issue.

Nostalgic is placed Every where, with special VAs coming back just to voice in for a side quests. I was shocked to run into characters I haven’t seen since like… 6 seasons ago. They even have a special memorial for VAs that have passed on. There’s even plot twists in the story that would only truly effect those who were fans of the show. It was funny to me to hear comments from NPCs talking about jokes from episodes that aired just a few months ago.

Overall; it’s worth looking at.
If you enjoy an improved version of Paper Mario gameplay with a decent/great South Park script with Skyrim-type music, this is your game.


I’m gonna have to pick this up once my backlog gets smaller. I’m a moderate fan of South Park, so I been anticipating this.


If you skip side quests and looting the main quest should take about 9 hours to complete.

I’m behind almost a decade worth of South Park material and I’m looking forward to this game. It looks cool from what I’ve seen and will be picking it up once it goes on sale.


It took me 9 hours to finish the game 100% (well as much as I could since this game has missable collectibles).
Well worth it. I laughed through the entire game.
I took a screenshot of my character after I finished the game, yes that’s the best gear I had at the time of beating the last boss. That tiara gives me 5pp every time I do something, I basically did nothing but spam backstabs and stack of bleeding effects:

Unseen is my double vibrator dildo weapon.


Okay, I’m sold. Time to figure out how to get XBL money into my account from China.


I never played any RPG, still good for me or…??


I think I’m going to take things slow and stretch out everything I can. No need to speed run through this.


Best South Park game by a mile. One of the top 5 best games based on TV/Movie/Book/Comic.


I visited Gamestop kill sometime with homies. An employee there gave us the run down the game. Said it’s damn perfect, and literally feels like you’re interacting with the show, and has tons of references and etc from actual episodes. Really want this, but just gonna wait for price drop for now.


can someone tell me how to beat al gore in his manbearpig form? bitch regenerates like 1.5k hp each turn


I played thief and stacked Bleeding on him. Shit ended up making him lose more than he won every turn.


Not really a fan of southpark.

But the gameplay looks similar to paper mario and I wouldn’t miss a chance at that, would anyone say it’s worth it if you don’t really fuck with the series?


oh cool didnt know al gore would be a boss…I do now -_-

I might pick this up, getting some good reviews even from people who hate south park


The game is an interactive episode of the show. If your not a fan of the show or at least it’s brand of humor it will be difficult to enjoy.


Gameplay is on par, as most may argue that it might be better than Paper Mario.
Magic abilities and moves all have unique phases as to where the Just Frame is placed in order to get max damage from your moves. Enemies and Bosses are fun to fight from time to time, however the game does come off a little “easy” even on Hardcore (max difficulty).

I feel as though the reason behind the easy difficult is due to how unique you can make your weapons, becoming rather unbalanced. You can make extremely broken builds, as debuffs in the game, as interesting and cool as they are, can be a bit too powerful. I feel like bleeding takes too much off each turn, but whatever.

Only real downside is the length of the game. Being able to complete the main story in a average of 10 hours can be a little disappointing, but at least the story is entertaining all the way through out.


i would easily recommend the game to non southpark fans.