South Shore,MA Anybody? -_^

Sup guys.I’m tryna find anyone from Braintree,Brockton,Randolph,Holbrook or anywhere else around in the South Shore area for some sessions.

I live in Randolph and there isn’t a lot of players at all here…so I’m trying to get around now I guess.PLEASEEE let me know if there is anything going on near Randolph or in the South Shore and MAYBE Boston area . In the process of getting my licence =[ so it’d be kinda difficult to get to Boston,but with the way I get around now I’ll just have to stay around my area.So please,hit me up .

Hey OP,

MA is in a weird state ATM. There are something like nine threads for different meetups in MA currently (that’s not an exaggeration). You’ve got Game Underground in Framingham, UGS in Dedham, Brain Box in Jamaica Plain, Fall River has meetups, Western Mass has meetups, the list goes on. You’d be better off finding one of those many threads and chatting it up in there instead. If transportation is an issue, plenty of people are willing to give rides if it’s not terribly out of their way. I’ll recommend the Game Underground thread mainly because I know that someone from Braintree goes there. I’m sure that other people from your area go to other meetups as well.

Good luck!

I’m in brockton. I used to go to GU but it’s not exactly good on gas. I tend to go to brainbox now at least once a week. It’s a little better on gas plus i have some friends out that way which can make the trip worth it.

Hmm,this is something that I noticed myself too =/ yeah I’m going to UGS this week in Dedham and see how that goes.

Ohh where in Brockton do you live? I live like right next to Avon.I’m going to Dedham this week for UGS or w.e .