South Shore,MA?..Or Around There

I’m in Weymouth. What’s good?

I’m down for some sessions. When/where?

Weymouth.woord lol.I live in Randolph.I’m tryna get mad people down for sessions.

I’m from Brockton and we got a pretty good set of players here a lot of MK dudes, more than SF but were here

I am from briantree, hitting buttons are fun!

Tournament in Fall River, MA later this month! You all should go. :smiley:

Everyone should be going to FRL’s saturday sessions :3

Hi mitmot <3

I’ll be there again, huzzah!

o hai deejay <3

Anyone around this area play third strike? I’m in Quincy.

Isn’t Framingham closer than Fall River area?

You’re guarenteed to get some REALLY good 3S comp there.

but if you would like to come this way too we have this…

I’ll be playing 3S for sure, along with a few others, probably.

Cool, thanks, I’ll try to check it out

It might be a bit of a drive, but I definitely recommend checking out the Souper Bowl tournament in Lowell, MA on Sunday!

wasup everyone i just moved from ATL, i stay in Randolph MA, any Tourneys or sessions CLOSE by? i main SSF4: Guile…MK9:Rep and Mac… MvC3: Spiderman-Storm-Wesker…ThirdStrike:Urien

Theres a tournament in Fall River, Lowell, and Framingham monthly. This Saturday there is one in Fall River, MA.

Fall River sounds interesting…how do i get there from Randolph? "/

I actually never been to Randolph, so I don’t know. Try google maps.

aw okay, sadly i dont have a car…and the transit doesnt go that far down "(

Nope, fall River has shit for public transportation, Try to see if you can get to Framingham next week, their thread is called like “Game Underground MASSSSAAAACHHHUSEETTTTS” or something like that. can’t miss it. They’re having a tournament next saturday, and I think you can probably get there by train. Then make friends and start bumming rides.

Thanks sounds like a plan for me, I’ll try to keep in touch with the Boston Fighting Game Community