South Shore Showdown Amityville/Massapequa NY 3/19/2011 Results

1: LI Joe
2: Moons
3: Royal Myst
4: zoolander
5: Zeomne
5: Ian
7: Deadword
7: Diego V
9: Ken James
9: Haitian Sensation
9: Manny
9: Jimmy G
13: Matt F
13: Amanda Hugginkiss
13: damon
13: Andy
17: Ryan O
17: 44 skittlez
17: Rich
17: Greg V
17: Raohpunchesface
17: Michael Mackenzie
17: Chris V

Thanks to everyone that came. Gain will post his comments later.

GGs to all I played here is the finals from the vid

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Good looks BG, great vids!

And thank you to everyone who showed up and helped make it a great time!

Congratulations to South Shore champion “iloveu” Joe Ciaramelli (don’t know if he’s still going by that name), “Moons” Angel Gonzalez in second place, and Royal Myst (I apologize for not having the name of this silent warrior) in third!

Lots of great matches, and some very impressive level of play all around! Long Islanders are definitely leveling up to make an impact on the scene.

I hope you all had a good time, and that we can look forward to the next Blu Planet tourn in April. I already have MvC3 and SSFIV lined up. The details will follow. For now, keep getting stronger and I hope to see you all at the Tenba Tournament this upcoming weekend!

BIG shout outs to Sarai (the brackets/gadget girl), for her no nonsense and fantastic support! Brad Bisonopolis for supplying equipment and greatly appreciated tournament organizing advice. Also, another guy whose name I am ashamed to admit I have forgotten, who helped with the bracket program. Also, Matt F for helping set up the tourn, and of course Blu Planet for hosting the venue.

Unfortunately, what would otherwise have been a smooth tournament was upset when someone’s stick was taken. There were security cameras on the premises and we got footage of the stick being taken. Hopefully the matter has been resolved. Otherwise, just to let everyone know, there will be little tolerance for unpermitted taking of others property, and zero tolerance for malicious taking of property.

i had alot of fun definatly will come back for more i love the venue the owner is such a nice guy plus he loves Ranma :3 like you said minus that one upset with that douche bag stealing pat’s (Haitian Sensation) stick…pat’s gonna get shankin!!! ill buy him a bag of SUPER SALT SKITTLES!