Southeast Battle Opera 9.27.08 "The end of a new beginning."

I like to thank everyone for coming out. It was a lot of fun. Although this was my first event it was a pretty good turnout. Apologies to Chris James, Omnislash, and Bum. Next time I won’t certain people do stuff. Couldn’t post results last night, because my internet is fucked up. Still is. So I have to do this on my damn sidekick. Go me. Much love to eveyone that helped, Kiyo, Chris James, Cooscoos, Sora, Mike R., Ryan, and everyone at TC. Maybe I’ll edit this when damn internet comes back on. Hope everyong got home safely. Peace.:slight_smile:
SBO II coming soon.

Tekken 5 DR

1 Hoa Luu* Winnings
2 Clint*
3 AceUnlimited*
4 Blaze*
5 Bane
7 SniperJin
7 Champ
9 Small Wonder
9 Big Mike
9 Paul Z
9 Flame66
13 Underoath
13 Alex
13 Gods Spartan
13 MacDad
17 Angela
17 Beasttaker
17 Snake Solid
17 Kiyoki
17 Michael Huston


1 SMP*
2 Omnislash*
3 Jonathan Jetty*
4 Beasttaker*
5 Drew Greiner
7 Mike Riley
7 Raph

SC 4

1 Clint*
2 AceUnlimited*
3 Matt McCoy*
4 Gods Spartan*
5 Champ
5 Michael Huston
7 Concepcion
7 Flame66
9 Bum
9 Brian
9 Sylar
9 Chris James


1 Clint*
2 C-Dubb*
3 SMP*
4 Number2*
5 Cameron
5 Ming Chang
7 Jhon
7 Sora
9 CoosCoos
9 Kiyoki


1 TTL*
2 Step1*
3 Zero*
4 Toast*
5 154 Rambo
5 King Boss
7 Concepcion
7 Snake Solid
9 Ryan
9 Paine
9 Bum
9 JB

3rd Strike

1 Sora*
2 Teii
3 Raph*
4 Kiyoki*
5 Masimo
5 J
6 Omnislash
7 Mike G
7 Drew G
9 Cameron
9 Mike Riley
13 CoosCoos
13 Bum
13 Lester


1 Mike G*
2 MPR*
3 Matt McCoy*
4 Kiyoki*
5 Chris James
5 Fraley
7 Lester
7 Sora
9 Ryan

I ran the Marvel bracket. So lets get some highlights!

Winner’s semis Ming wins vs. Clint first match then gets bodied by Scrubclops second and third match.

Cameron locking down the world with Clock and then giving people chances to win for the lose.

Me not playing well at the tourney and then wrecking shop later on at the mall on cvs2.

Clint going into beast mode every time he took a sip of Canada Dry:rofl:

SMP and C-Dubb having to face each other twice and C-Dubb barely squeaking it out both times. Then C-Dubb had to forfeit cause he had to leave before Grand Finals.

SMP laying fresh cans of paint at will on cvs2, and a local here getting 3rd place.

Me seeing Raph’s critical finish on SC4 and the look I got after I saw it. :looney:

And finally, Sora parrying the universe lolol.

Fun stuff indeed.

Yea it sucked ass that I had to play sora in the finals. Its like playing the japanese computer that reacts perfectly to all your shit. Plus I got scared. We play 100’s of matches all the time. Sora of course the better player.=) good shit though. I raped in 3rd. Too bad I didnt get to warm up or I wouldn’t have been in the losers to begin with.=( stil coming to take over 3rd at impact clash.=) sora won’t make it. Ima shank him prior to.XD

Someone please enlighten me as to what the hell happened in grand finals of Tekken?

Expect me there for SBO II. I doubt gas will be this hectic that time around.

ps - Marvel was FREE for Clint. No surprise there. CvS2 would have been FREE for Shin if it wasn’t for the gas problem and everyone skipping out last minute. That is all. No disrespect to everybody else who went for those games. :lovin:

GGAC 2nd was raph.

You really need to shut your mouth. Every time I’ve seen you post anything in the thread leading up to this, you’ve been talking about how everything was “free” for said individual from Atlanta. While it may or may not be true, it does not need to be repeated like 7 to 10 times.

It’s things like this where I personally never really try and head to Atlanta to play. I’m not saying it is everyone from there, and mostly the people I have come in contact with from Atlanta are amazing especially Clint himself, but this really needs to stop.

I would like to thank everyone that made the trip. We had a blast at the TC watching the caliber of players that turned out. Teii needs to make this a yearly event, Thanks again, Adam

Yearly??? Nandatto? More like every two or three months. Yearly would be a major. Cooscoos vs bananas mvc2?? I think this should be settled by going to impact and beasting.XD ima come so I can get them 3rd strike winnings.

It’s already a set MM.

I guess it’s time to prove to these big city boys that there’s more than one city in Georgia who is good at stuff.

I’m so rusty at 3rd it isn’t funny. I need to play with your crew to shake that rust off.:looney:


Funny. I’ve actually been told I one of the people who does least-amount-of-shit-talking anywhere near this area. I guess you’ll be extremely annoyed in your stay at Impact. And, just for me to step out of my line for a second, if you honestly can’t even take me positively saying something like that in a respectful manner, you’re going to be the most mind-fucked person anywhere you’re going to play, competitive or not; real talk. There’s a difference between me saying it’s “free” for someone and then not backing it up as opposed to saying that and putting my own money where my mouth is. I’ve been doing the latter; sorry for trying to bring a little side-excitement to a tournament, as apparently unexpected and unoriginal as it is.

Just a heads up, man. Nobody else seems to be offended but you, and I don’t even have squat against you or anybody else that played Marvel or CvS2. I wouldn’t dare imagine your reaction if someone actually talked shit to you, in person, over some game, which seems to happen quite a bit, well, everywhere. Anyway, see you at Impact. Hopefully with good intentions, because you’re going to end up being bitter over nothing but a little talk.

Nah man it’s nothing really against you. I don’t know you personally, and all I saw up to this was that you kept saying how free things are for people up there.

So really and truly if you are the least of the shit talkers, I wouldn’t know it for the amount of stuff you said in the thread, and the bets that you made.

In saying that though, I think I was out of line for saying all that so that is my bad.

But yeah. I’m not mad about this or anything like that. I actually am looking forward to playing everyone as well as yourself. So I will see you at Impact.


thanks for hosting a great tournament. u and sora are definately wats up in 3s(ur makoto is indeed a challenge). unfortunately i didnt had the right mind set dat day, i had a bad morning(had an argument wit a family member), and dat shit was bothering me all day. if we do face off at impact, you will see the better side of my chun:rofl:


as always, good shit man. your dudley is tha truth. nice seeing u again. tho we didnt play, u wouldve handed me my ass:rofl:


omni,omni,omni. u never cease to amazed me. ur performance in cvs2 was really unexpected. good shit.:tup:

shout out to clint, good shit dawg:tup:

I just wanted to apologize everyone for not being able to make it. I had to bow out on short notice, because, as you all know, gas fucking dissapeared, and the tournament is a 3 hour drive for me. I hope to see you all next time! Congrats on the turnout! :slight_smile:

Telli I apologize for posting my tournament so close to yours. Next time we need to collaborate with each other and make tournament dates that do not conflict with one another or are so close together. It was my fault for not seeing your tournament when I posted mine. When you come to Impact Clash II (if you are coming), make sure you talk with me so I can tell you when IC3 will be and we can come up with dates to where SBO II and IC3 are not so close.

Coos, if we only entered cvs2, we would of had it though SMP and Omnislash were great, with freakin SMP awesome A-groove Customs…i still think we could of had them, its also good to see Mr. Mike G come out and own in GGAC… its nice to see those cola boys owning it, I warned all of you Augustians…they dont PLAY, they OWN!!!.. well lets get another tourney before FR and i will get time off from work and i will be there early to help run amd own the next TOURNEY, GUARANTEED!!!

No but really, what happened in tekken. :rofl::rofl:

Oh shit Mike G winning the Guiltys.

Mike - I’ve actually started picking up Guilty for semi-real now, we’ll have to sit down and play if you’re coming to Impact Clash, have to run a few more brawl matches too (<3 ROB)

Who is this dude bananas did he even come play marvel

Nah man, he couldnt make it. But you should can meet him if you come to impact clash. Hes the crazy Asian guy with all the MM. :looney:

Hoa aka Anakin is a beast in Tekken and nobody really plays tekken over Richard’s house no more cause of SC4 and cause of no Tekken 6… So… Good job Anakin, Great Job Clint you won 2 tourments out there…:looney:

Whats bet on Coos Coos vs Bananas how much and anybody wants to sidebet??:looney:

Yea Ricky, we should have went but i’m couldnt take the risk of running out of gas…:shake:

I talked to Clint hes said, " tourment ran great, he cant wait for the next one. Alot of people play Tekken out there.":confused:

Oh Well, Sorry again folks i should have went…:rofl: