"SOUTHEAST BATTLE OPERA" Augusta, Georgia 9/27/2008

I remember the funsville tournmants augusta used to throw, I went to most of them! I enjoyed every tournament I’ve been to there, I was just wonderin do people still play mvc2 and cvs2 realli there haha. I’mma come out there if there is enough people to run the tournament.

I’m going to try to bring Columbia best to the tourney, so I want to see some awesome GGAC action b/w either sora or kiyo against bryon or mike…woohoo… and me or my CVS Student will take that tourney

Hmm I might show for this :wgrin:

Jae Purvis

3S, ST, Alpha3, CvS2

Ya Jae lets rock this place Ric “Mavrick” Taylor


Sorry I haven’t been on much guys, but as soon as I get with Kiyo and going to take some pictures and show you all the layout. It’s a really good place and we got TV’s ON DECK! Like mad tv’s. Plus we will be able to run it Japanese arcarde style without the arcades. Meaning of course two tv’s same battle. :slight_smile: How nice is that. Anyway PLEASE COME FREE PIZZA…jk…T_T

sign me up: Omnislash games: Super Turbo and Third Strike

Pre-reg list!!!

Sign me up!

Dr. EEK!
Buford, GA

We need a pre-reg list posted.

This tourney is NOT going to get the turnout it needs if it’s not going to make an effort to make itself known.

Just my two cents.

Aight, I’ll take the first step since i have no idea what Teii is up to. Check my earlier post for prereg list, i took what i had here in this thread.

Where’s coocoos when i need him, he’s good at talkin shit to get people hyped…

coocoos said he wasn’t going to be make it because he has school

I have school that morning, so I will be at the venue after I get done with school, so that will be about 1-1:30. If my matches come up, then just float me to the losers’ bracket.

Can someone get Teii to update the first post so that people can see the pre-reg list?

Also, I’m going to talk to some people today that don’t have accounts here and see if they want me to register them. There aren’t that many people in Augusta with SRK accounts, so it will be up to the ones that do to get cracking and sign people up in the local area. There are a lot of people that I’ve talked to who want to learn how to play things, but there hasn’t been a reason for all of Augusta to come together and get shit cracking. Perhaps holding these at least bimonthly will help the scene around here immensely.

I’ll talk to others about this and promote it thoroughly.

Lastly, I will be bringing a DC, and I will be working on a whole new marvel mix for this tourney, as well as bringing several copies.

CoosCoos: Doing something bimonthly would be amazing. I mean, I don’t really live too near Augusta, but anything semi-local that is regular would be amazing. Like, ranbats even or something like that.

OMG. bimonthly ranbats for certain games would be GODLIKE for this state.

You’re just sayin that because you’d win the Mahvel ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, most definitely not. Unless, I’m the only one from Atlanta driving up to Augusta bi-monthly lol

sup sup, i jus heard from kiyo jus the other day that this was goin on, and its good to hear augusta still keepin that scene goin…I was the one that useto run the Rollin on 360s tourneys and it was goin pretty strong…we were kinda limited to jus mvc2/3s, with exceptions to have 3 tvs for console games, but with the tourny center, everything should run pretty smoothly, so i think anyone in the GA area or around should check it out…cause im sure if they keep it up it’ll be big in no time…

If im able to come i’ll enter MvC2,3S, SSBB, and maybe some other things, but yea i’ll keep in touch…If i do come down i’ll help run brackets or smoethin…

NamyNam, I’ve only heard good things from you.

If I end up going, MM in Marvel? FT7 for like fifty? Lare amount since I’ll never really get to play you.

Yeah, I don’t mind assisting with brackets as well if it’s needed. I can also bring a DC with a near-limitless supply of Marvels. Maybe that’ll affect my entry fee :lovin:

PRE-REG! Better late than never!

Eddie Mu "Bananas"
Suwanee, GA
MvC2, CvS2

Shin Lor "Shin3"
Lawrenceville, GA
CvS2, ST

I do apologize. I haven’t been home in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been near a computer to change anything. I will put up a pre-reg list. Hoping it’s not too late and people actually come. This isn’t going to be some lame tournament. It’s just I haven’t been doing what I should and I haven’t asked for any help with this either. In the future I won’t keep people in the dark on updates. T_T

i’ll see what i can do, i doubt i’ll even have enough money to jus enter lol, i go to an art school and that place eats my money like no other…but either way, i’ll def try to get abuncha matches in…I havent played marvel in a good minute so itd be refreshin to play some…The only thing people play here in savannah is SSBB and occasionally tekken :/…but i got like 2 weeks before my next quarter comes up if u wanna try to meet up and play some, im down for whatever…