Southeast Battles Live Stream

Shinblanka is hosting a qualifer for the second biggest tournament in the Southeast, Final Round and we are streaming it all day (and hopefully tomorrow). Make sure to tune in at:

lookin forward to this

Stream is back up! Albeit slow since there’s alot of people on the wireless. :frowning:

OMG it’s so choppy! They’re trying to run the stream on WIFI. LOL.

it’s unwatchable, unless you like Flipbook-like frames skipping around.

Yeah I tried twice now to watch it, and I can’t make head or tails of the matches going on. One minute boxer is in the air, next minute he’s on the ground getting hit by a teleporting Hadouken.

It sucks, because I wanted to finally see some good KoF XII matches from a tournament stand point.

Guys I want to personally apologize. I thought that Waba (the game center we are running this at) would have some type of wired internet connection seeing how it is a game center and all. But there was no wired switch in the other part of the building where the tournament is being ran. So, the only option was running it off Wifi. I thought the Wi-fi would be faster than this but it’s to a crawl. None the less, I am a bit disappointed I couldn’t stream these matches to you all, especially since KOF XII just dropped. Anyhow, I’ll keep streaming but don’t expect the quality to get any better. :frowning:

This is the qualifier right? Will there be a main event? Do you think you will have the stream wired then?

I’m really interested in seeing some competitions in my area.