Southeast Pennsylvania players

We started using to get together. We’ll still ook at this thread and what not, feel free to join.

Looking to start some Tuesday Night Fights at my store in King of Prussia Mall in PA. anyone in there area interested? It could be SSF4 or MK9 or whateves

That would be SICK. I live 20 minutes away. I’d try and get the word out as much as possible. I know a couple strong blazblue players that live in Norristown, as well, and they’d be out. I’d also be in for SSF4, and I’d try to get people out for whatever. Could put up flyers at my school (Ursinus College) and local high schools, maybe.

I would be very interested in this. I can help with setup and equipment as well if necessary. Shoot me a note if you need/want any assistance.

I live in philly but I could bring a couple of my friends to get some MVC3/SSF4 games in just tell us if you need any equipment and if it’s on PS3 or 360

Ya, my store is Comics and More in the Court section of the mall, right now we are looking at doing at possibly doing a SSF4AE and MK9 tourney on july 9th, I’m still trying to get an idea of how many systems (xbox 360) and TV’s I’d need. Might try and squeeze in MvC3 too. I’m still interested in doing stuff every week or so, but I would definatley need help with equipment for weekly events. Would people prefer weekly tourneys or just kind of a free play night?

I would be interested in a weekly. I would not be able to make it up that way before about 8pm on a weeknight, but I can be pretty flexible on the weekends. I have a couple PS3’s and 360’s as well as a couple sticks. I have MK9 and SSF4 on PS3, but could probably get my hands on some 360 copies as well.

Were you looking to create a couple setups and leave them in place or just set them up and tear them down once a week? It might be cool to get a permanent setup or two and then have an official night for a weekly tournament.

Unfortunatley week days would be the best for my store because we get pretty busy on the week days, we do other types of gaming here like MTG and Warhammer, so it would have to be taken down every night.

I can probably arrange one day a week when I can shift my schedule a little earlier and leave the office at 6. So I could do a 7 - 9 thing, assuming that you have to be done by 9 with the mall closing.

I’d be happy to bring stuff whenever I can make it, but I wouldn’t be able to commit to being able to do it every week. I’m sure with a little bit of coordination we can arrange it bi-weekly or make sure someone is available to bring equipment every week.

Let me know when you’re thinking of trying to get this started and I’d be happy to help promote it and see if we can get some people there. I’ll shoot you a PM with my number if you want to chat about it.

I only have the one 360/TV/stick/copy of SSF4, BBCS, MK9, but I’m down to bring them any time, almost any weekend. I’ll try and be there for anything you host and I’ll try and get the word out as well. I go to Ursinus College, about 20 minutes away, and not having to go into philly or drive an hour for some games would be incredible.

I would definitely be down for this. I live in Lower Merion so this wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. I can provide a copy of MK, MVC3,SSF4(I would bring my hard drive for AE) and BBCS. My xbox is getting repaired so I probably won’t get it back for another 2-3 weeks, but I can bring that for sessions as well.

bump! still in the works, should probably have an announcement soon

Good stuff, was reading this thread in disappointment earlier. This would also be pretty big for South Jersey players, fyi. There’s NOTHING near SJ within an hour (everything is in North Jersey, 2-4 hours away), and KoP is perfect.

yeah we are going to be doing them twice a month on Saturdays, me and harfmil have been hammering out the details

Nothing in South Jersey? Have you heard of Body Shop Saturdays in Blackwood? Team DES Presents: Body Shop Saturdays 12: MK9/MVC3/BBCS2 5/28 Blackwood, NJ Though we’ve been on hiatus since the end of May, the next event there is going to be next weekend 7/23.

Good to hear. I was at the shop a few weekends ago looking around. You’ve got a nice space there. Hope things work out well.

Eh, that’s close to 2.5 hours on a good day from some of my friends in South Jersey, 1.5 if you get really lucky with no traffic on the expressway. It’s a little over an hour from me, which is okay, but there are people much closer to KoP.

I live just outside of KoP and I go to school in West Chester so I’m down for whatever is going on whenever it’s going on.

any updates on this? thanks for puttin in the time, let us know if you need any help with anything

I apoligize that this has been slow going, first tournament is going to be September 17th, I just need to confirm the date. The games are going to be SSF4 AE and MK9, also we created a facebook fan page and a twitter

We might need help with an extra TV and copies of the game, maybe a system.

I can get you with the TV, but I only have a 360/copy of SF for the 360.

Also, I shared that FB page with some friends of mine. I’m hoping to generate a lot of interest and make it worth your while, too.

I can bring a PS3, 2 sticks (1 PS3 stick and one PS3/360 stick), a lag free Asus monitor (the same one used at evo and everywhere else), Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4 (don’t think anyone really plays it anymore), SFIVAE, and MvC3. I’m very excited about all this. I hope things work out nicely.