Southeast Pennsylvania players

I had a great time and wanted to stay later. Great games you guys. @harfmil thanks for hosting.

This is awesome.

Good times again last night.

Interesting note… So far out of the 6 of us that have played no one main’s the same character.

Great. Not only did I miss out on the last session, but I might not be able to make it to the tournament tomorrow.

lame, hopefully you can make it out

True story, we have the weirdos that play Gen, the jerks that play Blanka, and those badass enough to play Evil Ryu. Lots of variety :smiley:

Too bad you might not make it out emeka, I hope you end up able to come! Is it a problem with a ride, or do you have some stuff to do?

Nevermind. I’m coming. I only have enough monies to compete in one tournament though. You can probably make a good guess at which one it will be…

I’m also not surprised no one else uses Yang. I don’t even know why I use him. He’s just a worse version of Yun. Can’t wait till the 2012 update where he gets nerfed harder than Yun too.

The wierdo that plays Gen had an emerGENcy at work and won’t be able to make it. Good luck to all!

Good tournament, everyone. Time to plan the next session. Nick said he really wants to come out to one of these so I think we should try to pick a day that works for him once he posts his schedule.

I won’t know what my schedule is like this week till later tonight or tomorrow so I’ll post again then. I’m also trying to get one of my friends to come out too and I won’t know his schedule for a while too.

Tournament was fun, thanks to Nick for hosting and to Harfmil and AndyG for helping to run the whole thing. I did about as poorly as I thought I would, that’s what I get for not practicing once in about 4 weeks…Thanks again Harfmil for letting my use your stick. I really gotta invest in a converter for next time, going back to a square-gate had me all sorts of fucked up.

I had a really awesome weekend, culminating in the tournament. I’m glad that I was able to help out and I’m excited for the next tournament. It was cool meeting everybody new and seeing friends at the tournament, old and more recent.

I’m disappointed in my placing for SF, though. I expected to get last in Marvel and got 5th because I got lucky against ChrisD first round, but I don’t practice that game and could care less about how I did. 7th of 20 or whatever is too low for me to be happy about in Street Fighter. I need to practice more when I’m not at meetups. And learn specific matchups, too. Good games to those I played, but if you beat me, I’ve got your number for next time :stuck_out_tongue: Hope everybody else had as good a time as I did. Nick, congrats on not only heading up a really fun tourney but also placing well!

Thanks again everyone who came out, I’m glad eveyone had a good time. I’m usually free during week nights,I currently don’t have a car so I would need a ride to where ever. I was satisfied by my placement at the tourney, but I feel I should have just played my new main Seth. My last match I pretty much drew a blank with Rose. If anyone wants to feel free to hit me up on XBL, gamertag is nickdekline

Let’s do something Thursday night? As usual, if it’s only one or two guys, I can host, more than that, gonna have to find something else to do.

Going to a Phillies game Thursday so no can do. Next Thursday is doable tho.

i got nothing going on thurs so it’s probably doable

Yeah I’m free after 6. Anybody else want in?

Yeah yeah. I’m in. I give Nick a ride if it’s just the 3 of us at Andys.

I don’t think I’ll be able to play this week. Lots to catch up on around the house.

Btw, did anyone happen to end up with an extra ps3 controller after the last session at my place? I can’t find my controller, it’s a regular non-dual shock.

Well, if we’re doing anything tonight at my place, you guys are wanna get here early. I’ve got a meeting at 8 that may run late, and I’m free as of 4:15, and the earlier people can get out, the better. I’d be happy to host a session but I gotta cap it at 8 or so, so if you want a couple hours, coming out at dinner time and letting me treat you to some pizza or subs at the dining hall might be the best idea.

That actually works better for me today than the later sessions. I’ll be there