Southeast Pennsylvania players

Cool, I can bring UMVC3 for the 360.

It’s all good. I’ll work hard and see if I can’t make it out anyway!

Alright. Looks like we’re on for 8 tonight. Text me at the number I posted if you need the address.

So…you guys wanna do thursday again this week? I’m good pretty much all day every day

If I wasn’t leaving to go back home I would be down.

Samesies. I’m back in south jersey for the winter. I’ll be there for the next Brawl at the Mall though. There’s also a tournament in Cherry Hill next Thursday if you guys wanna come to that.

I probably won’t be able to do anything till after the new year, but Happy Holidays everyone!

Just a public service announcement for all of you: peanut butter sandwiches are the most delicious midnight snack there is. Glass of milk optional. Thanks and happy holidays.

[FONT=Lucida Grande]went to this tournament recently[/FONT]
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here’s a link to part 2 of the stream

if you go to 23:55 you can see my match vs slobmurph who had just beaten josh wong. I play vergil/wesker/doom. the stuff that got said before my match was really awesome, that me and slobmurph were the guys to beat etc and that we weren’t just making waves, we built the lake hahaha. I’m so mad I choked twice when I could’ve killed him. too much nerves, I didn’t expect to do so well at the tournament. I’m going to train a lot more (especially doctor doom combos) and come back and start winning tournaments for this game. if I hadn’t dropped stuff, I probably would’ve gotten 2nd at this tournament. josh wong was already in losers and I would’ve gotten through to grand finals then and probably faced josh and lost, because he beat me more soundly than slobmurph did. not too badly though. that match is later in that stream and there was another situation where if I hadn’t dropped the doom combo the game would’ve been over in my favor, but the difference there is that I didn’t already have a game under my belt so I can’t say one way or the other about how the whole match would’ve played out.

I can definitely be one of the best players I just need to stop being so lazy and practice. which means when I get back to school I’m going to be asking you guys to play almost every night, it’s gonna be an open invitation to my place if nobody else is hosting. I really wanna be a top player in this because I’ve tasted it in other games and I can’t stomach losses very easily.

Your team is in the wrong order. It should be Wesker/Vergil/Doom. I know, because I’ve been running that team, and many other Vergil/Doom based teams since Ultimate came out. Any combo that doesn’t have a wall bounce and ground bonce, DHC to Vergil Swords, can do a million if you start at one bar. You can do it with Wesker, Dante, Doom, Magneto, Hawkeye, etc. That’s an old example of what I’m talking about. I began with 2 bars by accident, but you can still see how much damage it would do if I started at 1 bar. Basically, you teleport mixup with Wesker + Doom assist. use Vergil rapid slash assist to combo into the corner, Phantom Dance DHC to Vergil Swords, finish your combo, and that’s a million damage on the first touch.

Your Doom could be faster, but this is coming from some one who has been playing him since March. I can’t comment much because He barely got any playtime in that match. You should have beaten that guy. Especially in the last round when it was Doom vs Wolverine. That’s an easy match for Doom IMO. Your Wesker, looked like a standard Wesker and your Vergil looked like standard Vergil but your combos with him were pretty whack. Like, lazy not even day 1 combos. Your damage output with him was too low especially with an OTG assist. You should be doing touch of death combos with that team.

Anyway, I’m only being hard on you, because I care and you are playing my characters. I’m done most of the classes I need so I’ll have more time to play this semester. I still need to figure out my living arrangements though. I can also play whenever during break. It’s been months since we’ve played and I’m not doing anything. I’d even drive out to New Jersey or wherever you live to play.

Yeah my Doom is AWFUL. I need to do a lot more practice with him, he’s basically just an assist. I dropped a lot of combos with all my characters and I didn’t do my hard/good combos at all because they don’t work.

Yeah I definitely should’ve beaten that guy haha. I would’ve been so happy because he had just 2-0’d josh wong, and I lost due to getting antsy and dropping a combo. I am going to practice a lot more esp. with Doom in the coming weeks. I didn’t really practice at all in the week leading up to the tournament because my girlfriend was visiting for Christmas, but no excuses.

All of my characters are just standard, nothing special. I haven’t played enough in-person against really good people to learn how to really play the game. I just play slow and smart like I play SF and win matches. I get pretty far in tournaments and against top players just like that, so if I really put in time against you guys with a serious team I should go far.

I am going to be back in the state on Wednesday and I would like to get something started. I might have a small session at my place, but that means I can only have two or three people at a time, and my house is colder than most refrigerators.

Wednesday works for me. I haven’t gotten the chance to play anything with anyone in what seems like forever.

Just a reminder the next brawl in the mall is Jan. 14th, I haven’t been able to play much except AE for the PC, my xbox took a shit so, I can’t host anytime soon., hope everyone has a great new years!

I will be there for on the 14th, I have a little time before I begin my student teaching so I would like to take advantage of any opportunity I can get.

I’m still down for playing tomorrow. I’m sick and tired of training mode. Hopefully my hard work pays off at least a little.

I’ll be off on 1/14/12 so I’ll be at BatM. Time to grind HARD! Only AE 2012 though. I suck at UMvC3.

Sounds good, I just got in a little while ago. I was thinking of getting together around 1ish and to play some games. I will text you tomorrow.

ALRIGHT SEPA so here’s the deal. APEX is 2 hours north of me (and I’m an hour from all of you at the moment) running from the 3rd to the 6th. Venue is 30, marvel is 10, SF4 is 10. I can provide HOUSING/PARKING for the 2 nights and RIDES to up to 4 people, but I can’t afford gas at all – grad apps are wiping me right the hell out. So if you want to have training camp at my place during Apex, and split the 36 dollars total gas the will accrue over the weekend amongst yourselves, I can house you and do the actual driving.

It’s an EVO stop so there’s no excuse for us not to go out and get ourselves some experience before our next tournament!

1ish? hmm. I won’t be able to drive anywhere till later at night. I can host tomorrow afternoon though if anyone wants to play then.