Southeast Pennsylvania players


Wish I go could, but I gotta work this weekend, I might actually try to make it to the winter brawl this year, it’s in FEB

Just got back from apex. I beat meep in tournament (ridiculous match and I’m very happy with myself) and I played a ton of matches with a lot of great people and got a lot better. Pretty excited for our next tournament at the mall.

Anyone free at all this week? My phone is dead so not calls/texts.

I would be down for something this week. Tomorrow work for you?

Yeah if you don’t mind playing in my warm basement instead of your cold house. Unless we play in the evening when I’ll have a car to drive.

Hi. My friend is hosting a charity UMVC3 tournament for a project. Just posting this in various threads to draw more players/donators. It’s located in Delaware, but check it out!

Remember, my phone is dead, so you have to tell me here when/where you want to play.

I can go to your place, I needed to get gas anyways. How about your place between two and three. I will check and see what Chris D is up to as well.

Works for me.

Chris D is coming over around fiveish. I should be there around three.

Anyone here making it out to Brawl in the mall at king of Prussia Saturday for UMVC3?

I think everyone in this thread is pretty is cept me and harry

Oh. awesome.

Let me know if you guys are trying to get together tonight, B4 BITM tomorrow.

I can host a session tonight if anyone wants to come over. Or I can drive out to wherever. I’m only playing marvel tomorrow so I’d like to get some practice in that for tomorrow. I am getting back into Street Fighter (slowly) so I’ll play that too.

n/m got it

what time does the tourney start?

just saw this, started at 1pm, thanks everyone who came out!

Anybody wanna play tonight? I could host for as many people that wanna come (we can just grab a room in an academic building) but I only have the one setup, so somebody would have to bring theirs to have 2 screens running. Marvel, SF, Dong Dong Never Die, whatever you want.

I lack a ride unfortunately.