Southeast Pennsylvania players

I can play tonight

I dont think I know who you are, but I can give you a ride

Well let’s figure this out. I’m free for the rest of the night, what about anybody else, and who can host? Like I said I can but one more setup would be good probably.

I’m free all night too. I can drive out wherever after around 7. I can also host a few people right now.

Well would you be able to grab Nick and bring him here whenever you come? Ricky, you’re pretty far away iirc :confused:

yea i am pretty far away, you guys think make it here sometime this week i can host a session.

yeah i can do that. My phone is still broken. can you give me his number.

I wish I could host, but my dad has been living on the couch since he had his sex change operation

I wish i saw this earlier today. Damn

I’m making a facebook group so that we don’t miss shit. We’re getting a little too active for this forum to be enough.

Done. The group is Southeast PA Fighting Gamers. Name’s boring, we can change it once we get some adventures under our belts. Add yourselves and we can start using that to facilitate meetups and shit instead of the thread so people don’t miss out like shea did today.

I don’t see the group yet, you lie to me.

Also, is anyone else going to the tournament in Philly this weekend?

My girlfriend is visiting this weekend so I’m out.

Add me on fb shea (andy garron) not having any luck finding you to add you although it should just be open to find and join

I believe I am in the area you are advertising and I just have some questions:
1)Are you still active?
2) What games do you have Tournaments for?
3)What would the entry fees be?
4)Do you stream?

  1. yes, pretty active, we usually play at least once or twice a week, but right now the tournaments are kinda few and far between
  2. right now just umvc3 and sf4 but I play tons of games and I think a couple other guys do too
  3. if you’re talking about brawl in the mall it’s 10$ venue, 10$ per game, and they’re like 30 man tournaments with lots of talent
  4. no stream yet, working on it

Did you make this group? If so I’ll join it even though I’m at school now and am not cool anymore. ;[

Yeah, I did, and it’s pretty helpful, I just couldn’t find you on FB >_< add Andy Garron and I’ll add you to the group.

K I sent a request to the right Andy Garron! I think

Hello people. When is the next session? I work in KOP but i live in delaware county. Been looking for people to grind out some street fighter and marvel with. my Gamer tag for XBL is BigOleon and on PSN its Gatsu_leon but i play mostly on xbox. I need help gettin better. Please let me know when someone has a chance. You can PM me Gamer tags if u want.

Hey we moved onto facebook and do most of our planning there. We still check this SRK page occasionally. We will definitely have a session sometime next week and I’ll keep you updated on when/where it is. I’ll also add you on PSN

Okay cool if there is a group add me on FB (i didn’t find it). My email is, full name is Orlando Leon.