Southeast's Major (FINALROUND)9 April 22 & 23

Money matches in many games!!!

YOOOO i’m coming with a fat roll folks so lets’ gooooooo!!

I want $5 matches on battleship too SilverGear. Also this salvo style sounds interesting i’ll do it!! Chess nathan let’s do it big! Puzzle fighter 2/3 for $5?
SilverGear do you want me to bring my battleship too, i still have it lol!! Maybe we can do a tourney??

Icm I’ll do puzzle fighter $10 2/3?

CoosCoos Let’s go on that donkey konga you set what stipulations and amount you want to do man!! On the uno front let’s go $5 a game heads up?!!!?

**Open challenges **

Donkey Konga 1 or 2 any song, but only on gorilla difficulty any amount under or 20bucks a match! 2/3 style if you want or 3/5 whatever, well i might do the other difficulties, idk.
I’ll bring it and 2 kongas so that’s taken care of!

battleship anyone 5 or under!!

GUITAR HERO Anyone??? medium or hard, i’m not ready for expert yet lol!
Guitar hero 5 or under a match hard or medium difficulty only! any song!
I have my guitar only so if you want money matches bring yours or get someone’s!

Chess anyone any amount under or ten bucks!!

Puzzle Fighter any amount under 10 bucks.

3s…cheap cause i’ll get owned more than likely.

I’ll go chess w/ you Scott. Name your price.

I’m taking challenges on UMK3 as well, maybe 1st to 10 for 20 or something like that (IF we get the cabinet down there). I’ll definitely be there this year running brackets, I don’t care if I have the West Nile virus or the Bird Flu or any of that shit. You’ll all be warned if that’s the case, however, since I’ll be coming into contact w/ at least probably half of the people that are there at some point over the weekend :lol:

Yep. Same ones. Why were people complaining again?

Yo put in that XvSF man, I wanna play in that tourney for sure.

And if you could man, try and find a way to get NGBC in there. That shit is pretty fun.

Peace Larry.


3S money matches only $5 a pop. But ANYONE in Halo CE or Halo2 ANY amount!!!

I plan on being there to Win 1st in T5, 3S, ST, A3, and CVS2!!!


ShinBlanka!!! What is up! Orochi aka:Saisyu is coming again for another great time. Guys like you and me is why the scene is still going and the south is where it is at!

Put me down for:

Street Fighter III: Thrid Strike

Capcom vs SNK 2


I am proud to say that just this past Jan 7,2006 at the “Durham New Year”

Gamefrog Tournament that NEO/GEO BATTLE COLISUME was first played in N.C

and the turn out was outstanding! The game was just to hot!

So if you are thinking of doing a replacement for Super Turbo, NEO/GEO BATTLE

COLISUME would be the way to go!

See yall cats in April!

GGPO… Orochi.:devil:

Yo waddup?

5 dollar money match for 3S?

Same to you Troy. You owe me on 1…

Anyone wanna do a A3 $5 money match? Holla at me.

Jeff/Heidern98 - 5 dollar money match in chess?

um yea…def gonna be there.

I’m going to try my best to make it.

kyah yeah let’s do say first to 5 $2 bucks a match just quit and do the tab whenever one person gets 5 wins, or do it skins style?? that would be intereting lol. bring a clock and make the games 10 mins or less if you want?

WHO WANTS IT in puzzle fighter bitches!! UNO???

epsilon_ Dudley vs Duldley 2/3 for $5?

sure scott.

I’ll bring a clock, and I’ll take your PF challenge as well.

money matches? that shit hurts my wallet too much…
3rd strike… necharacters… best 2/3… winner keeps character, loser has the option to switch… loser buys a case of burr… but when you lose i’ll let you have some of my burr so you won’t feel totally left out… :slight_smile:
:: funnel will be needed ::

wut up Larry. You know Im shoootin through and down to help you out with whatever you need. Im have to fly this time. get at me

You up for UMK3 this year?

oh fucking shit! larry, i promised i’d come to your FR this year…let’s see if i can pull through – haven’t been down south in a LONG while (since those mindboggle tournaments in charlotte ^_^) if i do, 3S money matches are welcome :slight_smile:

epsilon – i want a dudley mirror you skankwhore. for a quarter. bet it.

troyboy – in the interest of time and the tournament, i’m calling the 20-1 bet off. we can still do a money match, but of that length is beyond reasonable, since it was originally an XBL thing. best 3/5 for $100?

sure khang :o.

I’ll do Puzzle fighter money match with SDouble. However, I’m broke as hell, though, so I won’t be doing very many of them…

Ninja Edited!!:

alright john let’s do a burr a match lol?
kyah puzzle fighter 2/3 for $5?
Dan i’lll do it but for a $1? come on man! i mean we can just play it doesn’t have to be a money match for it to be fun lol.