Southern Hospitality - Kingsland, GA - 09/08/07


KingRey is not hosting this event! I am only helping to promote it.

Ramada Inn & Suites
1215 East King Ave
Kingsland, GA 31548
It’s next to the I-95 on the westside.

**When: **
Sat Sept 8th 2007

$5 Venue Fee


Tekken 5 DR Team and Singles tourney
$20 entry for singles, and $10 for the Team consist of 3 players for a total of $30.

All other games listed will be $10

This tourney will be on the console, so bring your own controller/stick.

Registration starts from 10am to 12pm. Singles will begin around 1pm, and then the Team tourney afterwards. All other games will also start at 1pm.

Prizes for the Singles and the Team tourneys:
70% of the pot for 1st
20% = 2nd
10% = 3rd

Team and Singles tourneys are both double elimination.

Team tourney match format is going to be 1st to 3.(SBO format) 1st player on team A plays the 1st player on team b in a single match. The winner goes on to play the 2nd player the same way. 1st team to eliminate the 3rd/last player wins the match.

Singles format:
2/3 matches
Winner & Losers finals are 3/5
Grand finals are 4/7

If there are less than 8 players signed up for an event it will be round robin. 8 or more will be played out on a double elimination bracket.

Money Matches:
I will give time before and after the tourney for them. So set them up if you wish.

I currently don’t have a team setup, so if anybody wants me on their team just say so.

If you are able to bring a TV, console, or games please post up and let me know. We are hoping to have atleast 2 stations per game going at the start of the tournament.

I will also be recording matches, and I will make sure that every tourney match will be recorded.

Additional rules and guidelines:
Jinpachi is not allowed to be used in tourney play. Also NO turbo or programable controllers. Nuff said!

I would prefer that people would use random stage select, but I will allow stage select just as long both players agree with the stage being used. I know there are certain stages that people would prefer to play in more than others.

You are not allowed to change characters after you have won a match in singles play.

You are not allowed to change characters during a team tourney match, but I’m going to bend the rules a bit by allowing players to change characters in their next tourney match. (In SBO format, once you pick your 1st character in team tourney play, you are not allowed to change characters for any reason throughout the tourney)

Please post up, PM me, or call my cell if anyone has any questions or concerns about my rules & guidelines so that we can work something out to your liking.

List of players attending:

Marvin “Blake” St. Marys, GA
Isaac “NEW EDITION” Savannah, GA
Aaron “themaverick” St. Marys, GA
Charlie “DSJN” Jacksonville/Gainesville, FL
Colin “kAb” Gainesville, FL
Rashid “ShinkuuR” Savannah, GA
Sida “Seeduhh” Jacksonville, FL
Smitty “The Real Don” Orange Park, FL
Rey “KingRey” Jacksonville, FL
Jason “Trunks” Fort Walton Beach, FL
Nate “Wildfire” Fort Walton Beach, FL
Emmanuel “No L” Jacksonville, FL
Andy “Terd Ferguson” Tallahassee, FL
Adonis “Guardian” Tallahassee, FL
Travis “LTrav2k” Warner Robins, GA
Jason “Hotnix” Orlando, FL
Lionel “JnKzm” FWB, FL
Jason “Crono_Mashitoka” Jax, FL

3rd Strike (PS2) {Street Fighter Collection version}
John “Sazae” Pensacola, FL

CvS2 (Dreamcast)

Andy “Terd Ferguson” Tallahassee, FL
Jason “Crono_Mashitoka” Jax, FL

SSF II Turbo(PS2)
Travis “LTrav2k” Warner Robins, GA

John “Sazae” Pensacola, FL

Adonis “Guardian” Tallahassee, FL
Jason “Hotnix” Orlando, FL

SC2 (PS2)

SC3 (PS2)

Lionel “JnKzm” FWB, FL

Neo Geo Battle Colloseum (PS2)

Post up your 1st name, Gamertag, and your city and state if you are coming and I will add you on to the list. Also post which games you are going to be playing.

J-ville players:
Kingsland, GA is about 35 miles north of J-ville. I hope that all of you guys can make it. It’s really not that far if you have a car IMO. Thanks!


Anything other than Tekken 5 DR going to be there? I may want to attend but I don’t play that game.


can we use joysticks with our converters?


If there is enough interest I am sure that we can accomodate. What other games would you be interested in?

Yes you can. If yours doesn’t work you can use mine.


i just might come out of retirement 4 this

i have a good friend who lives in st. marys so i might visit him while i ma there too


It would be good to see you man. It has been a while. I will help knock the rust off of you.

What other games do you think we should try to throw besides Tekken?


Though I don’t really play 3rd Strike it is very popular so that’s a good one to put in there. Marvel vs Capcom 2 is another one that gets plenty of hype and play. Personally I’m a big fan of the Street Fighter Alpha series and 2 is getting more love thanks to Any of the Street Fighter games can be easily played on the PS2 in arcade perfect ports so that makes getting them really easy. I’m not sure about Marvel since I don’t really play it but I know the Dreamcast version is considered the best.


The standard 2D BS.

3S, CvS2, MvC2, A3, GGAC

Then you have the ‘others’:

Melty Blood AC, VF5, Arcana Hearts, Super Turbo, etc


So far I’ve got SFA3, and MvC2, so I can throw a tourney for those games for like 10 dollars per person.

Give me a few weeks, and I can probably get SF3 there too.


I am down…I tired of kicking ass and taking names in lithonia…

Aaron G. “Shadow Ace” …add my name to your guest list please


If you can get the “standard” 2D games then you can add me to the list.

John “Sazae” Pensacola, FL


hmm…i might be able to make this.

add me as a maybe…

Allen “Epidemic” ATL, GA


if 2D games are added, then…throw me down there as a maybe as well.

Jonah “desert fox” Jax, Fl


we have unfinished business:rofl:

wait a minute…I just read the tourney info…No 2d fighting? but everybody loves 2d fighting…mvc2 cats are fast a lighting…

I might not be down if there is no 2d love


Out of the ones that are going to be coming for the standard 2d games, who can bring games, tv’s, and systems?

Also I need to know what games you guys are signing up for so I can make a list of players coming for those games.


I cannot bring a TV but I can bring Street Fighter Alpha Anthology and 3rd Strike for the PS2 as well as my PS2.


That sounds good to me. Which games do you want me to put your name by?


i might go and i could bring my dreamcast and two copys of marvel but it sounds so far…


But it would be soooooo worth the trip!:wgrin:


i can bring my x-box and 1 copy of ST.

does anybody wanta play ST?