Southern NH, northern MA FIGHT NIGHT Saturdays


I’m going to be starting a fight night on Saturdays. Bi weekly or monthly depending on the turnout. I’m getting a venue all set up and will have details as they become available. I need to know if people will come. So if you’re interested, post it here please!

Will be hosting tournaments for whatever people want to play and have live streaming.


Anyone? Bueler?


North of Boston here, the SRK forums for this region is super dead after the forum crash. I’d recommend joining the Massachusetts FGC Facebook page if you have it. If you have any details I can try to get the word out on FB/Twitter/


Actually, I live closer to Lowell than Boston, so if you’re (Weaponer7) planning anything I might attend.

While GU exists, 45 min to an hour driving on the Weekdays ain’t something I normally can do. Might attend tomorrow though, since I have a day off… but, I might get called in for work. Because my boss sucks :frowning:


So I’ve decided to revive this thread. Since placing 5th in ki at ECT, it’s really inspired me to get an offline scene going. Not just for ki, but for all fighting games. Whatever you guys wanna play. Who is down for s. NH / MA fight nights? I’ll get a venue set up and post details in here.


Where in MA are you located? I’m in East Windsor, CT, so I’m closest to Springfield. I would attend depending on how far away it was from me. Let me know if this would be possible :slight_smile:


Looks like it has been awhile since Weaponer7 replied, but I would be interested in hearing more about your plans. I started the other (now defunct) New Hampshire thread and had sessions at my place in Salem before life caught up to everyone and we stopped them due to poor attendance. A few of those players are however still around and things seem to be opening up schedule wise to allow consistency once more. Your timing appears to be great so hopefully things are still being worked on. On an aside although its been a couple of years, we worked with Pinball Wizard arcade to run a tournament, and host fight nights in Pelham, NH. The owner is very nice so if you are still looking they may still be open to the idea as we left on good terms (they still house some of our setups in fact). Look forward to your response.


Late response, but I am interested even for casuals. (Unfortunately, I still live with my parents, so I can’t host sessions at my place.)


Hola Epi, Still no word from Weaponer7, but with Ultra coming out I’d like to start hosting at my apartment in Salem, NH again on a bi weekly basis to start. That wouldn’t be 45mins for you =). I’m also going to a couple of sessions out in Lowell (need to get an address) so if you are around ill PM you the address once I receive it.


I am around. Shoot me the info when you can.


I live in Lawrence and really wanna get in the scene. I would be interested to go to be able to pick up some pointers


@TicoSneaks‌ I’m planning on heading over to GU this Friday/tomorrow. Need a lift?


@Epi‌ sorry I work so won’t be able to make it. Are you free any other time


Eh, for casual play, I’m pretty free most of the time. Beginning work on Monday, but I finish before nightfall usually so that won’t be a problem. Tuesdays and Fridays I attend Game Over and Game Underground, respectively, from 7pm to 12am, so there’s that. Weekends, I might be free - depending on the mood of my mother.


@Epi‌ I’m pretty much free only Monday and Wednesday work nights the rest of the week. You play online at all


@TicoSneaks‌ Hohumm… Nope. I don’t care for online whatsoever.


@Epi‌ ok just wanted to see if we can work some training online. I’ll let you know of my schedule clears up. I practice everyday but normall 3am-6am.


@TicoSneaks‌ … Considering that I have to leave by 6am to get to my job, not very likely… maybe.


At Harrison’s Comics in Nashua, NH, we are doing fighting games every Monday between 7-9. Only have 1 setup atm, but we can support BYOCs if folks are interested.

Right now we are trying to setup ranbats for Ultra SFIV and Injustice, but we are open to playing all sorts of stuff.

If you’re interested, ping me at



What manner of sorcery are you talking about? If I knew what you meant, then I would respond that way. But I’m interested - would a PM suffice?