Southtown Syndicate thread

Ok, Yeah, I tried to edit the last one, but ti wouldn’t let me.

So what up, this be the new Southtown Syndicate thread, so post here. You know who you are, and if you don’t, go ahead and post anyways…

Shaolin…Holla! Wassup? Yeah, the scene’s been kinda dull witout yas, but good thing there is gunna be a Red Octane thing on Saturday…SS will be there, well, most of us and represent!
And yeah, I do know how to spell, just not edit messages, hehehe

Yo Kenny, we will be goin to RS and Syndicate that place, hehehe. Be on the lookout

And yes, the bus strike sucks, but on the one hand it forces me to buy a car;)

Ok, who else?


I’m low on floe, Jiggafloe. They still know you as GeeseHoward. I’ve been slacking off at work and not showing up a few days. skipping work + arriving late = small pay check. I probably might hold off tourneys for a while, including camelot tourneys, atleast for two weeks. Since I am the Southtown Transporter, if I don’t go, they don’t go. Only way I’ll go is if I get spotted, but I don’t want to do that. Paying back money sucks. We’ll see what happens. Geese could rep @ UCLA, but two words…bus strike. Oh well. Peace.

Muzikal M.I.A.

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Yo, yo, yo
Good stuff yesterday, Southtown!
Muffinman, that was good K-groovin Chun-Li
JC, you checked your rank, bro? You’re 19th. 19th! In pac south, that says something, lol…
but yeah, sorry i can’t make it to todays Family Fun one, but I got me a script to write. But if y’all go, good luck, and may Southtown be with yous mugs
-The Geese

wattup people’s…
geesehoward:dope k-groove and even better rolento…my sagat got lucky!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
themuffinman:beastin on the scrubs…hella pimp k-groove chunnie…gg’s
JC:man you should have used r4 sagat in p groove or r4 bison in a groove…nonetheless gg’s guys thanx for coming!!!

Props to my SS Ridahz for repping at the PSM tourney, not much I can say for myself.:bluu: Props to Kennywood for not giving up against Geese, though Geese’s Geese handled kenny’s first two characters like nothing! :eek: (sorry, had to through that in)

Muffin Man, good shit, you didn’t get peaced out like I did.

Yo Albert, if someone takes out Southtown, he deserves his props. Good shit. Let us know when’s the next PSM tourney and we’ll be there, but be warn, the way I went out did not leave me very pleasant. I’ll come prepared and it’ll be albert vs. southtown at the end (hopefully southtown vs. southtown :smiley: ) We’ll see. Peace.

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hahah blanka’s way too cheap :stuck_out_tongue: gg’s. i’ll practice for when we meet again. :evil:

I shouldn’t have “attempted” to roll cancel on you and next time I’ll block the right way and not think that you were successful with the blanka cross up super. Nonetheless, you beat me and gg’s on my mistakes. I won’t take you lightly next time kennywood, and beware, this “hungry wolf” is ready to strike. SOUTHTOWN!!! Peace.

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Yeah, It’s all good, Pigadouken, great fights with you and the Kennmeister…
I dunno why you said you were turtling, I didn’t think you were…
So the next one is in 4 weeks? hope I can make it, and next time I want to buy some stuff at taht swapmeet…
Yeah, PBB, stop roll cancelin! Geez…lol.just messin…hey I got a new script out, hopefully you can read it. Ok, that is all.
-The Geese

hahaha mr. psycho…yeah, i’ll be here waiting for u or i’ll show up at ffa…if we play i’ll use a-groove this time…

If you use A-Groove, then I’ll use K-Groove (might as well make things interesting :smiley: )

Yo Geese, I gotta check out that script and see what crazy lunatic ideas you came up with that’ll make me go “WHOA!” :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you going to need me for the video project and if so, when? Holla back. Peace.

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HEY PBB, didja go to FFA?
What about you Al?
Who you face, details details!
Anyways yeah, i would send you a copy of the script, just that you never check your email! LOl…I’ll give you a written copy when i see you…the prof said it was progressing nicely, just needs a better ending, and no, I can’t kill the guy…lol…

Muffinman, I’m almost done burning Trigun and other eps, and I’ll give em to you when i see you…

Yo Muzikal, you still MIA? Just messin, I’ll give you a call when i can

Ok, that is all, Southtown

-The Geese

If you are interested, you can join a subsection of Southtown, known as the Metro City All Stars. Just send three(3) UPCs from any Pepsi Product, (except All Sport, that stuff just nasty…)and 5.00 shipping and handling to the adress on your screen…

Tournament on Sunday. I gotta rep. Didn’t do it last saturday, so I’m out to prove something. No camelot tourney for me though. When I go, I end up waking up late for work the next day. I’ll probably go every other thursday.

Muzikal M.I.A. If you don’t go, Geese will start his first match with P-Groove in your honor. I, on the other hand, will start with K-Groove to let out all the rage I have from losing badly in the past tournaments.

I got Sakura and Bison in my A-Groove team. Who should my third character be? Rock, Ken, Rugal, Terry, Rolento, Ryo, Sagat? Hit me up Southtown. Peace.

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So Pigadouken, you’re going to use Todo?
Cool…i’ll use King, keep it AOF style, and you know AOF is Southtown territory…hehe

You’re third character should be Ken or Terry, simple to use and can build up meter quickly, and they are good starters…

Where art thou?
And yes, i shall use P-groove in the first match, muzikal style…maybe even the same characters…well, depends who I face…hehe

Muffin Man
good shite getting fifth, that is what I’m talking about! If I don’t see ya, let me know who you faced and what happened…but again, good stuff

So that is it
-The Geese

AOF lol…i don’t know what that is…yeah my a groove team is todo…rolento/sak…bison

I know I said I wasn’t going to enter tournies for a while, but I said fuck it. I came in 5th, wednesday night, William and Muffin Man came in 5th, and at the PSM tourney that passed, Cesar came in 3rd and Muffin Man came in 5th. Southtown is coming up and hopefully, the strong impact will be this Sunday at Family Fun, which personally I call that tournament “Southtown Syndicate Presents Good Muzikal Hunting.” So he returns to us. Yo, Muzikal, hit us up in this forum. (I think someone here forgot that he’s Southtown)

I almost had Genghis too last night. My four hit combo with Sagat connected, but I did the kick super rather than the fireball super. If the fireball super came out, I would have won, but it didn’t and Genghis beat me. Good shit. Then I played Hung later on and he OCVed me. That wasn’t me playing. I am not going to let myself be below 5th at the FFA tourney. I have a quota. Peace!

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i want to represent southtown…i’ll be your FARRRRRRRRRRR southtown affliiate…LOL

Actually, you can join the new crew known as “The Metro City Allstars.” We can also put you in as a member of N.U.R. :smiley:

N.U.R. for LIFE!

nIs has spoken:D

Nice AV pigadoken.

thanx dan is the man!
what the hell does N.U.R. stand for anyway?