Southwest 3rd Strike thread: part 2

Since more people are playing, and actually want to get better, I am reviving the 3rd Strike thread. I’ll try to answer any questions y’all may have, but if I don’t know, then hopefully someone more knowledgeable will stop by and add more or correct me.

I would like to start off by saying that Crow is going to be a very good player. Sure he needs some polish, but that’s why this thread is back. :lol:

Chun Li strats for Crow.

Chun Li


ALWAYS play super art 2. No exceptions.

Standing/crouching jab: Her standing/crouching jabs are some of the fastest moves in the game. Crouching jab will stop practically all tick throws if timed well. Against Yun/Yang, standing jab after dive kicks is a good idea.

Low forward link: Learn this! Your Chun Li will improve 100% if you can do this! Basically, do your low forward motion and at the same time, do the super motion. If low forward connects, drum the kick buttons and you magically get the super! This takes a lot of patience and good reactions. Sometimes, I get lazy and don’t link. This is not good. Linking is good.

Throws: Since everyone is scarec of low forward xx super, Chun Li has MANY opportunities to throw. Dash throw is good. Her kara-throw is either far standing forward or close standing roundhouse. The far standing forward is better, but harder to do. Practice it! Also, Chun Li has an air throw.

Anti air: Chun Li has weak anti-air. Low roundhouse is best, though back fierce and standing jab are good too. Depends.


Super jump cancel: Since a lot of people will be looking for low forward, they may tend to down parry on wake up and try to screw you over. Chun Li’s close roundhouse is a super jump canceable move. What you can do, is cancel the close roundhouse into a super jump, then cancel the super jump into her super. Sounds hard, but just needs practice.

Since her close roundhouse MUST BE PARRIED HIGH, this move will totally screw people who down parry a lot. Here’s how you do it. Do close standing roundhouse, then do tow tiger motions. If the roundhouse connects, drum the kick buttons to do the super. If they block/parry, you super jump and avoid retaliation.
NOTE: This is a link. You can wait until the roundhouse connects, then drum the kick buttons.

So now what you have is two moves that can be linked into her super. One must be parried high (roundhouse), the other must be parried low (low forward). This creates a guessing game that will kill people who like to parry. Factor in her throws, and your Chun Li is now dominator.

Back fierce: We all know and love this move. What you can do with it, is cancel it into lightning leg to have a totally safe anti-air. What you do is when your opponent jumps at you, do back fierce, then quickly drum the kick buttons twice. Once you get 5 kick button presses, lightning leg will come out. If they parry the back fierce AND the lightning legs, they will bounce over you and you’ll still be safe. Too good!
NOTE: This is hard and I cannot do it consistantly.

Follow-ups from super: Generally, fierce-fierce chain is a good follou-up from the super. Exceptions, against Necro, 12(?), Elena, and Chun Li (maybe more), you can do stomp into short. The short will pop them up some so you’ll land before them. What you can do is dash behind them for some low forward/close roundhouse links, maybe some throws, or some overheads. The choice is yours.

Also, in the corner, do the fierce-fierce chain early so only the last punch hits. They will pop up high and you will land before them. This sets them up for some overhead/low forward madness.

In the end, nothing beats practice. Chun Li has a lot of great moves that work in many situations. Keep playing and get a feel for those moves.

Good games tonight to everyone: Tuan, Joe, Harvey, Dez, Crow, and those other guys that parry too much.

i like 3rd strike.
3rd strike i like.

For those who don’t know, here is Mopreme’s website. Get stuff!

Crosswinds randomly deleted all my videos. I have to upload them again before anyone can download them from my site. I’ll try to do that soon.

Chun Li is dominator. She is not a turtle. She is like the Wall character from that one underground dungeon in FF2. She keeps moving towards you. But she is more like a wall with spikes. If any of the spikes hit you, ggpo.

You should learn to play spastic Chun Li like I do. It is the most fun. Be all crazy and do supers with every move you do. I don’t do any moves that don’t have supers attached to them.

Stand far roundhouse is dominator.

Real quick. Misc. info off the top of my head. (I’m waiting for Thuy).


Learn towards roundhouse into super link. If you use super art 1, you have to walk forward a bit. Works only on crouching opponents. This will cause openings for dash in throw and his low roundhouse juggles.

Learn towards forward into super link. It takes good reaction but it’s not impossible. If you’re serious about playing Dudley, then you should learn and use every tool at your disposal.

Jumping in and then doing the HCB + K move is pretty good. So is dashing in next to a downed opponent then doing it. Or jumping in empty then doing it. I really like this move, maybe that’s why I get beat down with Dudley.


Standing jab anti-air is good. If they parry, quickly go into crouching fierce. Standing jab recovers really fast and even if it’s parried, you will have enough time to pull it off.

No, I do not know how to do the sonic boom glitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Learn close standing forward link into super art 2. You must parry it high so you can mess up people who like to down parry.

:lol: I remember that!

I need to be on a sugar rush to play spastic like you do! Or just maybe more practice. :lol:

Khang is a walking 3s bible!
Give me tips on how to play Makoto.

Like if you do her command grab, you get a free combo and shit. Yeah.

Even though I said Makoto’s gameplan is like Alex’s, I’ve realized that I don’t like playing her at all. The one reason why is that I don’t like the fact that her dash has recovery time.

I think that you have a solid Makoto. Just keep playing and learning new things. I’ll post if I ever see some l33t shit!

More stuff! For the Hugo players cuz I know y’all out there but y’all just scared to play him seriously.


Walking 720: That’s right, walking 720. It is possible and it is not difficult at all. It requires no god-like speed neither. How do you do it? Glad you asked.

I’m not 100% sure how the engine works, but the game gives ALOT of leeway when doing moves. The trick to walking 720 is that you STORE part of the 720 motion, then finish it later.

Simple example. Do an UOH (universal overhead). While you’re in the air, do a 360, but don’t push any buttons. Walk forward a little bit, finish the other 360 motion, then push punch. What you’ll see is Hugo walking up a little bit, then when you finish the last 360, the super will come up. Congratulations, you’ve successfully done walk-up 720!:smiley:

The time from the “stored” 360 to the “finishing” 360 is not that long, but long enough. Practice it so you can get the feel of the timing.
NOTE: You can store the initial 360 from anything: a jump-in, standing strong, UOH, etc. Don’t make it obvious!:stuck_out_tongue:

Low short: I think that Hugo’s main mind game comes from low short. You CAN’T tick into 360 because the range sucks. What you can do, is cancel the low short into jab/strong clap or his 360 with kick. Note that this running grab has three ranges depending on your kick button, and that he only grabs at the END of his run. What this means is that you should cancel low short into SHORT 360. It comes out really fast and he doesn’t run very far.

Low forward: His main knockdown. It is very meaty. Use it a lot.

Nuetral throw: If you ever connect with his chokehold in the corner, you can hit them with standing jab while they’re falling. As the flip onto their feet, you can mix up with low forward (low), standing fierce (overhead), or 360 + short. Have a fun!

More Hugo!

ah fuck this, i’m gonna play some Ken…:evil:

Vinny needs to learn low strong into super link. :lol:

For Joe. This was a post by pyrolee. It’s about Yun’s kara-palm. You’ve probably read it already, but in case you haven’t, here it is:

Press strong punch while moving the stick half-circle backwards, when you get about 4/5 of the way done you then press short then an IMMEDIATE punch button (usually jab but fierce works too) and then finish moving the stick to back so the punch button causes the palm to come out. It must be done VERY quickly because remember with each button press you are cancelling a very quick move, the 4/5 way motion is done so you do not get a crouching animation, you want every move to be done standing.

Keep in mind when the strong button is being pressed in the stick should be 4/5 of the way done then you kara-cancel the strong by pressing short -> punch button. To give you an idea of where your fingers should be, place your middle finger over strong press it while moving the stick back, then do an immediate throw, let your thumb hit the short first though and your index finger hit the jab, then finish the half circle back motion and release the jab.

In reality this is almost like a double kara move, you must first kara-cancel the strong with the short but at the same time u press the jab (or fierce) to kara-cancel the short as well. The reason this works better than the strong-short(or jab) method is because first the strong comes out which is canceled by the short. However the short is actually cancelled before you can see it by the palmstrike. This eliminates the additional move animation frames compared to the slow strong then jab then palm method. With the extra speed of this method you can do palm strikes faster and move in quicker which was a problem with the other way which would eventually drop the character after about 2-3 reps.

While in japan I saw only 2 yun players use the kara-palm, neither KO nor nitto did it. I guess it’s too risky to use in tournament play so don’t be too frustrated if you can’t get it down it is pretty hard to do.

Yea, I already read it…pretty juicy!

I am seriously considering getting that down…it might take me a few months…but i think it will be worth it, if i can get it consistently…( i might just be talking out my ass and give up after a few days of training though…i can see that happening)

but anyways…i guess this is a good a place as any to post this, but I want to have a little 5, 6, or 7 man Houston tournament…round robin…2 out of 3, top 3 places then play for another round robin, 2 out of 3…Tuan and I were talking about it…I think it’d be fun…I’m going to make a nice VCD of it, with title screens, names at the top and all that cool crap…

I’ve been thinking about it a lot…I guess anyone can play…but we need to keep the number down to 7 or below i think…it would just be too long otherwise…catch is, if you want to play, you have to pitch in to help buy a capture card for the CPSIII system…i figure we all pitch in, so we can make nice quality vids…I am assuming its around a hundred bucks, so thats like 10 bucks a piece, which is nothing, and then when we’re done we can give it to Chris so he can use it in tournies in the future and we can always get high quality footage…no black bar…ugghh, i hate that…and no DC (thats not 3S, its some other game…)

what do you guys think? It’s just an idea for fun, no big deal…I think it’d be something cool to have and to send out…

give me some feedback…let me know what you guys think//



Yea, the round robin thing sound pretty cool. I’m down for that. Totally forgot about the capture card for the cabinet. We should definitely try and get one.

When school lets out, I’ll be all up for it.


Oro unblockable: For those of you who are too lazy to search the forums, here are some examples of Oro’s unblockable. As quoted from Thongboy Bebop:

  1. [strong/chicken juggle]x2, standing strong (2-hits) EX Fireball, crossup jumping mk

  2. Standing strong (2-hits), fierce fireball xx Fierce SA2, EX Chickenman to cross over the corpse, [I use standing mk to break the guard against the floating SA2, then standing strong to continue the pattern.]
    You can pretty much use super art 2 instead of the EX fireball. Experiment!

If you don’t know what the chicken juggle is, it’s:
close standing strong, cancel into forward hop move after first hit.

I’ve been thinking about this VCD idea, and I like it a lot…it’ll be fun…yea, we’ll do it in a few weeks when everyone has time…probably one saturday night…ill talk to Chris tomorrow about where we can get the card for the direct feed thing…

here are some new rules i feel like adding, just cause

-you must stick with the same character (you CAN poick different super)

-you must stick with the same COLOR (dont ask me why, its just a rule)

-everyone uses a different character (if two kids want to use the same one, you have to play a master match to see who OWNs that character…looser picks another character…TS)

what do all of you guys think?

new rule:

no lucky, random (whatever you want to call it) parrys…you will be immediately disqualified…:lol:

seriously…i’ll probably be the first to go

I like this rule. I don’t even bother parrying, so that means I win by default!

ATTENTION! I have found a new, gamebreaking technique! It’s called “blocking.” I have never seen it done before, but I heard it’s really good. Apparently, when you “block,” you take NO damage! Also, you can “block” high AND low attacks with absolutely no guesswork involved! This is so awesome!

To be serious for a moment. Parrying is very random. Sometimes you think they’ll hit you with a move, but then they pull something else and you eat damage. Taking unnecessary damage is bad. Blocking on wake up is not a bad idea. Sure you may get thrown, but that’s only a big deal agains Makoto, and sometimes Yun.

Wake up super/dragon punch is a better idea then parrying. At least you don’t have to guess high or low.

If you ABSOLUTELY must parry, learn how to parry/red parry the following things:

The fireball after Shoto low forward.
The fierce during Ken’s strong fierce chain.
Akuma’s hurricane kick (especially for Urien SA 3, Harvey!).
2nd hit of Necros’ spinning punch.
Yun’s shoulder check after his jab short strong chain.
The strong during Yun’s jab short strong chain.
Mantis slash after Yang’s low forward (risky!).
The last hit of Dudley’s Machine Gun Blow (the HCF + P)
The last hit of Dudley’s EX backing up move (the HCB + PP)
Aegis Reflector on wakeup (one or two parries will do usually).
The last hit of Chun Li’s SA 2.
The last hit of Makoto’s SA 2.

Maybe more. And don’t parry Ibuki’s SA 1 unless it’s necessary. You’re not cool when you parry the whole thing, just lucky.:rolleyes:

i might fuck around with 3S for the next couple of weeks…i’ll just play some Ken…