this thread is meant for all u guys in the sw that have grudges and want to settle it in a master challenge race to 10 wins, loser has to post that he or she gets owned by whom ever in wutever game it is. in other words, mad braggin rights to the winners. so all of u guys that wanna take the challenge post it here along wit the results.

the 1st master challeng that should be up here is crow vs kstep marvel challenge. where u at crow?? time to post up chief!:lol: :smiley:

lets hear from u other ppl in the sw!!

:confused: :rolleyes: :confused:

Well a Loooooooooooooooooong time ago Turtler beat me 4-10 in a ggxx Masters challenge. But he fell off. The only game he plays competitivly now Is final fantasy XI.
In any case, i would like to issue an open challenge in GGXX to anyone. I want to practice, and im sure you want the chance at beating me. Post up and accept female dogs.

Me vs Gus, CvS2

Kevin, you instigator. :stuck_out_tongue:

owned :stuck_out_tongue:

I master challenge your Top-i-tier-a character with my Top-i-tier-a character." -Slayer vs Axl- " monday March 1, 2004. Let’s make it around 3:00p so I can get some sleep after I rape you and make it to a movie later that night! :lol:

It’s on!!!:mad:

Hey turtler how much are scentless armlets?? If there cheap enough buy me some! You know I’m good for it!!!

Wtf?? You have finally turned to the dark side… :frowning:

I will own u.
:evil: :evil: :evil:


I will rape anyone at Puzzle Bobble. Sup bitches ya skuuurred?

yeah I thought so.

Um. I Challenge Toya at Marvel again. Ill give her the heads up here so she can have time to practice…
oh snaap!!

i challenge all the girls at SG to DDR, van, toya, shaff’s gf, CHARLIES gf :lol: , uhhh Cmutts sister;) , that Lollicup girl, and ne other girls their… just dont expect a big show from me, my mind may be on other parts of the machin instead of the screen:D … but its still A GOT DAMN CHALLENGE :cool:

oh and queenie guien is the biggest girl there with flat tits, she must still come and play me too, except i might add some tricks since she cant do nothing but copy her sister vicky o. :lol:

3pm?! Sorry i wad other junk to do… Dont think i punked out, We’ll do this next time i see you some evening. Afternoon is time for internet girls and dragonball.:cool:

ah shit, you done fukked up now…cbutt’s gonna have your ballz on a platter now for mentioning his sister…

(sits back and watches the beating)

Wait a sec. I owned up on Shaff at A2 last week! w00t.

Dinomutt, me and you 3rd strike master challenge! Loser buys winner a large lollicup! You game?

I challenge any scrub of my caliber to marvel.

yea yea dipset dipset…Who want it?
no descent scrubs.

I’ll take that challenge, and don’t worry I have officially reverted back to to pre-beginner in mvc2. Oh yeah before we play, could someone please pm me the coordinates for low block.{“me” <----------------:lame:}

S-groove will own Gus.

tirian: no instigation, jus merely makin a thread for master challenge results. and braggin rights :smiley:

so how about sum ts4 challenges? any outta town folk wanna step into this? i mean ur gonna be on the sw for ts4 so its all good to post up challenges here! so who’s game?

Next quarter night. What time?.. All I need is two quarters.
I got this.:cool: