Southwest Ohio Tournament - Hillsboro, OH - 09/08/07 - Results

I’m just copying and pasting the results that Obkb posted. Sorry for the delay in getting up an official results thread.

3rd Strike: (16 Entries)
1st: Ghaleon
2nd: Goya
3rd: Chris Rose

GGXXAC: (19 Entries)
1st: Sean
2nd: Jais
3rd: Kenji

Tekken 5: (11 Entries)
1st: Sazabi
2nd: Nash
3rd: Kenji

Marvel: (7 man round robin - Winner take all)
1st: Ghaleon
2nd: Chris Rose

SSBM Singles: (12 Entries)
1st: Jiano
2nd: Overswarm
3rd: Juke

SSBM Teams: (6 Entries)
1st: Sliq/Jiano
2nd: Drew/Juke
3rd: Mojo Mike/Overswarm

ST was dropped due to 3 sign-ups and CvS2 had no sign-ups.

Guilty Gear’s turnout surprised me. Thanks for the (relatively) big showing guys, that was great. Third Strike did well, too. If/when we do this again, Marvel REALLY needs to come out in force and everyone needs to step it up a little bit. We can’t have Ghaleon taking all the money!

Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported the tournament, I appreciate it. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could have run it better or something I could do differently, post up. I could use the criticism, thanks!

Sorry about ST, Brent.

I just noticed how serious your avatar is, Matt.

GS to all 3s heads – let’s keep it going in OH!
Thanks to the GG crew for supporting our tournies in force, as well.

Kenji and Tekken??

haha kenji is old school

Thanks Obkb & all the other peeps from Hillsboro that got this tourney going. It was a lot of fun. Just wanted 2 give some props & shout-outs 2 some of the peeps I played Tekken against:

Ed, good shit on taking 1st place in the Tekken tourney. :tup: That’s how you do that. Ur Mishimas were nasty as always, & I found that out 1st hand. I’m still happy as a lark that I beat ur Devil Jin twice. Next time we face-off, I’ll do my damnest 2 get more wins against ya, & hopefully, win some of my money back. :lol:

Nash, nicely done on getting 2nd there. I was very impressed w/ ur Marduk, Lee, & Eddy skills u were busting out. I’ll be looking forward 2 our mm @ SBII.

Kenji, nicely done on taking 3rd place. Good shit on using Lee & Julia effectively, especially Julia, she was tough 2 go up against in ur hands.

Spearl, that Ganny of urs was mad-nasty, & even sicker than b4 when we last played. You’ve made me shelf Wang Jinrei for good in tournies & mm’s. I’m gonna only use him now 4 casuals. Good job on handling my Asuka very well. I was impressed w/ ur play & how much you improved. Still beat you w/ Feng. :lol: I’m gonna have 2 step my game up for next time. You best believe I’m gonna study my ass off on how 2 go up against Ganryu. Good shit there Danny.

Chase, good 2 cya once again bro. I was liking the King, Jack-5, & Julia skills you were busting out. We’re gonna have 2 get some games in somewhere sometime.

Brian, it was nice 2 meetya bro. That was some good shit w/ Marduk that you were busting out. Good job on making my Feng look all scrubby that 1st match. I’ll have 2 do some homework on Marduk now as well. Hope 2 play u again sometime in the future.

Brandon, it was nice 2 meetya 2 bro. I was liking that Eddy of urs. You know how 2 use him very well. Hope 2 play u some more in the near future as well.

Dayton Crew: You guys are cool as shit & it’s always cool 2 hang out w/ya guys. All I gotta say is Mapquest sucks balls.

Micah: Thanks once again 4 hooking me up w/ a ride there. You were busting out some disgusting shit w/ Ganny, King, & Moku. It was great 2 get some games in against ya once more.

Skeez: You were cracking me up all day w/ the multitude of jokes you were busting out. They were funny as shit. I was very impressed w/ the Draganov skills you busted out. There were grabs coming from all over the place when you used him.

Kameron: Good shit w/ ur Ling Xiayou there. I seen some things that I liked a lot. Makes me wanna learn her real well & start using her. Also, I might have 2 pick up on some MKT so you & Quentin can have some more peeps 2 play against in that.

Quentin: You gotta love the bitch @ Wendy’s & the constant flings of “weak sauce” you were throwing out. :lol: It was awesome. Hope you did well in 3S. You need 2 get back 2 some more Tekken. I was liking what you were doing w/ Anna from what I saw.

It was great 2 see everybody once again & 2 actually have a tournament 2 go 2. It had been way 2 long since the last one I went 2, so it was great 2 have some very good competition once more. Hope 2 see everyone again @ SBII. Take care everyone. Peace.

Great tourney! I’m glad I made it and I placed top5 in GG.

Everyone loves Slayer and his throw-invincible dandy H.

I had a job lined up this weekend or i’da so been there.

Congratulations to everyone, and let’s keep it up Ohio!

Yeah Kenji used to be a Tekken head, he actually made top 32 in Tekken 4 at Evo2k3. Damn good Lee, just could never get past Jin so he went to Guilty Gear. =)

Sean was there? Damn, now I almost regret this, but work is work!

Hope to see you guys soon,

Had a fabulous time.Im so rusty in 3s its crazy! dont worry,by the time seasons beatings comes around,the Q is coming in the white trenchcoat again,lol! But yeah,always awesome to see the dayton guys come out.

Arkayne- man i gotta get down there for some casuals!good stuff at the tournament man.cant believe we had to match.just like the first one…well,without the double K.O’s:D

trtk-great seeing you again man.sorry we couldnt chat more,moving around alot here and there,stuff got busy,you know.but ill be down there so i can play you first hand in that tekken man.Be ready dude,my atsuka brings spins of doom!:smiley:

Ghaleon-Shoot man,always awesome to play you man.Sorry we couldnt get more casuals in,had to head out before it got too dark.stupid country roads,got lost anyway on the way back!ugh! but yeah,great games we had.SOOO SUPRISED TO SEE THAT KEN! hahahaha! good stuff!see you seasons beatings time!

Goya-im assuming this is the jason i played who played chun right? if im incorrect I apoligize.But awesome chun man! that space control was serious!! i dont play that match up much anymore since me and popoblo’s matches awhile ago,so you made it crap hard for every match we had.I look forward to seeing you at seasons beatings maybe??

cincinnati guys-man,I HAVE TO GET YOUR TAGS! but you know who you are,i think.Awesome seeing you again.sorry,i got worse,lol! ill bounce back soon enough though and give you guys a good match.what tourney’s you guys headed to so i know and try and make an appearence.

and everyone i played in other random games,fun stuff.Dizzynecro has gotten me back into melty blood.haha! gotta cut those life lines mannnnn!!

Nice to see all of the usual players and all of the new peeps come out to ohio. Nice yourney BOYOS!

GG’s to Chciken fat , Fugee , ghaleon , dizzy necro , jbeene , kix, and vega. and to who ever else I played.

Chickenfat: Ahhh the matches the bring back memories of the first tourney I fought you at nice stuff. Necro Vs Urien FTW?!?!?

Fugee : Nice shit in MKT glad to see there are people keeping it alive. Also , thanks for kicking my ass in my first MvC2 match against some true comp , it opened my eyes to a lot of things I need to improve on.

Dzzy & Kix: Nice matchjes in 3S guys , alex aint going down easy. Big Bang beat and Vampire savior casuals… nice… and SF3: SI… dudleys garbage ass air move LMAO!

Ghaleon: Nice ryu action as always, kicking my ass >_< How dare you abandon ryu for ken? for shame sir , for shame lol.

Jbeene : Nice vampire saviors matches Jedah love battles!

Sluch: LOL WEAK SAUCE MAN WEAKKKKKK SAUCE! Nice adventures and … Mapquest sucks balls.

SH_: Thanks for the I-No insider… I may even enter GG sometime.

Vega: Very nice Hugo action man , I have never fought a awesome hugo like that before… Had me thinking on my toes. My usual strategy did not work too much… Looking forward to playing you some more… Illl probably go and train up in ST… and nice MvC2 matches we had.

Other Hugo player: GG’s dude… Gigas breaker >__> All Day! lol!

And to anyone else I played… GG’S

Spearl: You weak sauce dude. LMAO

VIDEOS!!! People!!!

Ken is too free + I suck = new backup character :frowning: Plus Goya’s played my Ryu way too much, haha, he knows most of the gimmicks.

But I feel like it’s OK as long as I play both uppercut bros. Denjin will still bail me out now and then.

Courtesy of Zinac from dustloop:

Dude I’m still not over that move. What was Capcom thinking? Such an awful idea! :rofl:

I have to practice Third Strike you definately murdered me!


Everybody in GG was awesome especially Matt and Robo-Ky guy! Congrats to SH_!

Mac you have an awesome Luigi! Great Slayer as always!

Chase sorry about your stick!

TRKT we didn’t play anything! Can’t wait to see Tekken stuff!

Quan - sucks you didn’t make it.

Obkb and everyone else involved you are awesome!

I have some videos of random casuals I recorded. Would anyone have a problem if I put them up this week?

On with the shoutouts…

Fugee: Good MKT ish. I’ll go MM’s next time. Learned a lot…I’ll keep blocking.

Sluch: Asuka came in full force…keep it up. Shit was good…and Ling only gets better. lol.

Spearl: Get in that Julia training and start placing in the top 3 (Not 4th! lol). Make em EAT that Ganny blubber.

Ed & Nash: Great shit. Congrats on winning…I’ll see you guys at SBII in Nov.

Skeez & Micah: Great casuals guys, like always. Skeez keep up with that insightful commentary. Gives me a good laugh watching the footage back.

Nice seeing some of the players again: Chickenfat, Dorogan, Nick, Mac, Kix, DizzyN, SH_ etc. OH competition is gonna OWN this year. Great turnout.

please have more ps3’s next time… too bad ST didnt happen, but at least i got some casuals in… mkt was mad fun i need to get back into it…

mkt is more random than dr i ate a cyrax grenade and still managed to air throw, or the fan lift catching a smoke teleport backwards… wtf

good games everyone i’ll try and sleep more before seasons beatings because i was passing out all day

cyrax is fuckin trash

DO SO, son.

…and Nash…put that Sheeva up. Wrap it UP, B!

As far as my help goes, I couldn’t have run this thing without the Chris (Ghaleon) and Matt (Nevermind) assists and Sliq for Smash. Spearl was a lifesaver with his PS3. Thank Spearl for the Tekken. Everyone was friendly, patient and helpful. Thanks to everyone who particpated and assisted in the running of the tournament.

It will be much better if/when we do this again.

sheeva is also trash

Lucky for fugee Human Smoke was resting up for Season’s Beatings at home…