Southwest Ohio Tournament - Hillsboro, OH - 09/08/07

Date: Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Where: Alley 21
1086 North High Street
Hillsboro, OH 45133

Mapquest Directions

Time: Doors open for casual at 10:30 AM ET

Street Fighter 3: 3S (PS2): Noon
Dropped Guitar Hero I and II (PS2): Noon
Guilty Gear X2 AC (PS2): Noon
Super Smash Bros Melee (GC): 1pm
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (DC): 3pm
Capcom Vs SNK 2 (PS2): 3Pm
Tekken 5 DR (PS3): 3Pm
ST (Tentative, based on demand)

Any possible additions to be decided based on demand.

Venue Fee: $10
Game Fee per Game entry: $10

Pots will be paid out: 70/20/10%

All Games are subject to change if minimum requirements per game are not met (8). Due to a new location and venue in the Ohio scene, nothing is taken for granted. Please pre-register if you are coming so that we can verify the games that will be hosted. The location is neutral for everyone from Kentucky to Columbus.

If total attendance is greater than 49, we will be offering a first place bonus of $50 for Marvel, Third Strike and Tekken 5.

If one of the games listed above does not meet the minimum requirements for its own tournament, it will be dropped and the $50 dollar bonus will go to Smash, Guitar Hero, CvS 2, GGXXAC (in that order). 

The venue is nice with a big screen on which we can host the finals. Again, since I'm trying something new in this region, all things are tentative, so we hope for a great turnout.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, send me a pm or post it publicly. We guarantee you will leave with cash should you win.


All tournaments will be double-elimination format. 2/3, 3/5 semis & LF, 4/7 GF.
We’re using the Evo standard for all games.

This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller/Converter/Joystick) event.

The following rules apply:

If the start button is hit or a malfunction with your equipment occurs, causing the game to pause or reset during a match within the first 5 secs, the match WILL be restarted. However if after the 5 sec point then your opponent will have the opportunity to take the 1st win or reset the match, advantage or not.

Button mapping is allowed. Having 2 or 3 buttons combined into ONE is banned
(e.g. No 3x punch/kick mapped to L1, etc.). GG/DR are exempt from this rule.

3S – Winner keeps the same character, but can change super art. Loser can change everything. JUDGEMENT CANNOT DECIDE A MATCH!!

MvC2 – No game-breaking glitches (you know what they are); Juggs’ glitch allowed. Winner keeps the same team but can change order, loser can change everything.

T5:DR – Players must agree on a stage. If not, random stage select will be in effect. Winner keeps same character, loser may change.

ST – no Akuma, Turbo 3

– Double Elimination bracket
– Matches are best of 3, semis and loser’s finals are best of 5, with grand finals best of 7
– 4 stock, 8-minute limit
– Ties broken by lives, then percentage
– Items OFF
– Teams $10/person, singles $10/person

– Stages limited to the 6 neutral stages for random, others open for counterpicks.
– Neutral stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi’s Story, Fountain of Dreams, Dreamland 64, Pokemon Stadium.
– Stages banned: Yoshi’s Island, MKI, MKII, Venom, Big Blue, Flatzone, Icicle Mountain, Hyrule Temple, Fourside, Brinstar Depths, Termina, Onett and Yoshi’s Island 64
– Dave’s Stupid Rule: No stage may be used twice in a single match, either by random select or by picking
– Stage Strike: Each person strikes one stage for the entire set. This stage must be selected at the beginning of the match, after initial characters have been chosen.
– Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or elect to go random, then winner may choose to change characters, then loser may change characters
– Double Blind pick may be called at any time

-Team Specific Rules:
– Team Attack ON
– Life stealing allowed
– Fountain of Dreams and Mute City banned

-Other SSBM Rules:

– Controller mods of ANY kind (short-hop mod, L-trigger mod, etc), excluding cosmetic changes (paint, stickers, different colored plastic, etc.), are BANNED. If you are found to be using a modded controller, you will not be able to use that controller for the rest of the tournament.
–Glitches used to stop your opponent from controlling their character or indefinitely freezing them (Mewtwo’s Soul Stunner, the Ice Climber freeze glitch), or any glitch that freezes the match or makes it in any way unfinishable, are banned. Using them will result in the immediate forfeiture of the match.
– Tactics such as Peach’s Wallbombing and Jiggly’s Rising Pound are allowed as methods of recovery or to maneuver around the stage. Using them (or any similar tactics such as dropping below levels intentionally and stalling underneath) to excessively stall a match is banned

*Guitar Hero

Update: GuitarHero Dropped

Please pre-register your SRK name, city/st and games if you plan to attend, so brackets can be filled in advance. Registering the day of is allowed but not encouraged – don’t complain about where you fit into the bracket. If you’re traveling, give us the names of your crew and their games.

EDIT: Anyone who can bring anything (TVs, Consoles [do not need DCs]) please do so. If you intend to bring anything, PM me so I know what additional supplies I need to fetch. Thanks :smiley:

Pre-Reg List

Tekken 5: DR (PS3) (10)

GGXXAC (PS2) (11)

MvC2 (DC) (12)
Chris Rose
Eric Nunes
Shaolin Otter

CvS2 (PS2) (5)
Chris Rose?

3rd Strike (PS2) (14)
Eric Nunes
Chris Rose?

Super Turbo (DC) (6)
Chris Rose?

Smash (GC) (18 - 20)
Big D
Defyyy (Possible)
Soap (Possible)

Dropped*Guitar Hero*Dropped

49 Total pre-regs.

You probably should have GG Accent Core instead of Slash, I’m pretty sure that’s what all the GG players will want to play.

Sweet! obkb,see you got this posted already man.great stuff.ill be there.As for guilty accent core,its up in the air on that.Some locations( as strange as it may seem) dont have much access to the game.I know most of the ppl in kentucky and “parts” of ohio do,but other than not sure of the other close states and locations.Im sure we could get enough copys and systems to run it if need be,but id see what others think about that first.ill post your thread on dustloop and see what ppl are thinking if you or someone hasnt already.but anyway,pre reg alert!!

Name:chickenfat umehara "the feast"lol! or just chickenfat
games:street fighter 3rd strike,guilty gearxx(??)

If I can magically find a ride, I will go for some guilty gear. Guess ill start searching.

Winner can change super art??? Judgement cannot decide a match??? …

What happened to the Evo stardard rules for all games?

Is SSF2T being played? It isn’t mentioned in the games list above. I’d like to be sure before I even think about coming or not. Thanks.

Oh snap! This is a good thing time to get ready.

There will probably be at least 10 people (including myself) going if there is AC and not Slash… No Slash please.

Alright, we’re flexible. This is a tournament for the people. AC it is :slight_smile:

Any game can be added or subtracted based on demand. Minimum number of participants is 8 for a tournament. If you think 8 people will attend, it will be added. Whatever the players want, man.


im up for some ST if anyone else is:D

I’ll see if I can make it to this one. If not, I’ll just go to Seasons Beatings at C-Bus in October.

Id be interested in going to this possibly.

Cool, looks good – I think it’s pretty safe to add ST officially too.

Since when can winner not change super in 3s? Judgement never decides a match either.

I’ll lend equipment and stuff.

Anyone into this should take a look into the Aug. 11 Indy tourney, too.

I second that ghaleon, But I cna bring stuff just let me know whats needed.

Quan tell henry… He’s Entering MvC2… I dont give a fck what he says.

Well you guys have to at least look at the rules before assuming you know them. :rofl: Take a look at the rules, they are there. Winner does not switch super art and judgement can decide a match. Rules for 3S are halfway down the page and so…

Now onto what Ghaleon mentioned, everyone interested in this should check out the Indianapolis tournament. Here is the tournament thread…

If you are into money matches those are starting to pop up more rapidly as I know folks are accepting them in CvS2, 3S, and MvC2 mostly. If you want good tournament action then you need to come because players like Ghaleon, Popoblo, DerekLearnSlow, and Floe are all trying to make this and trust me when I say many Indiana players are no slouch either. Come give this a chance.

No he’s not. He is no where near ready. And he STILL has that big head. I f he can barely beat me he isn’t rolling with us with his cocky-ness. That messes with my mojo. And makes the group look bad.

Edit: Josh I will be looking for you in SST. Chickenfat we have a score to settle.

DADDY!! whats going on man! yes…we have…unfinished buisness:d SO DO ME AND ARKAYNE.yeah man,it will be great to see you guys again.always a pleasure.are you heading to the indiana tourney? ill head if i get my new car by then.its really close to the time im getting it.if not,ill just wait till this like to play vega when i get a chance as well.heard hes vegalicious,lol!and ghaleon,well,he looks just like ryu with glasses.why wouldnt i want to play him:D

I dono what the hell the evo peeps are thinking but pretty much always its winner can change superart and judgment = replay.

Day before my birthday…I think I might have to hit this up. If I go, I’ll enter CvS2, Third Strike, MvC2, and ST if it gets held.

was gonna say i might be able to get some ppl from MI to come to this, but it looks like its even farther than c-bus, 4.5 hours is probably pushing it, but i guess i might have a new car by then, so anything is possible.