Southwest Regionals - Houston, TX - 10/06/07-10/07/07

Planet Zero Anime Center

1pm start time

$10 or free w/$20 charge on your PZ card

Entry fee:
$10 for MvC2, CvS2, 3rd Strike, GGAC, Tekken DR, Soul Calibur 3
$5 for Alpha 2, KOFXI, ST, Samurai Showdown 5, Garou MOTW, Arcana Heart Full!, Melty Blood AC. Project Justice

3rd Strike
Alpha 2
Guilty Gear AC
Arcana Heart Full!

Garou Mark of the Wolves
Tekken DR
Soul Calibur 3 AE
Melty Blood AC
Samurai Showdown 5
Project Justice

Minimum 8 entrants or the game is cancelled.

Games will be set on freeplay for the tournament.

2/3 double elimination

1st 70% + 200 PZ points +TBA
2nd 20% + 150 PZ points
3rd 10% + 100 PZ points

I’ll be there for A2 for sure

oooh i’m there.

oooh +tba. is that mine?

Added another day, like an old school regionals. Schedule and games list is on the first post. We added some more SNK games, including our premiere of King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A!

I think you left a lot of things out

first post is lacking.

fix it up, please!


mind if i post that up on dustloop?

is KOFMIrASFDLOLWTF out on console? throwing a tourney for some ugly shit that nobody’s ever played is um… unique.

to answer your question

it is out on console

in japan


KOF MI2 is out on console, not Regulation A. Theres some tweaks and characters that are in the arcade version that aren’t in the console version. Regardless I think it will be an interesting game to try out at Regionals.

Even though I don’t think I’ll like this or any other KOF Maximum Impact game, I think I’ll try this one out to determine if I’m right.

Crap, Why does this have to be the week before I head to Houston?

I’d love to enter Garou to see what Houston has to offer.

could you put A2 and GG on sunday pleaaaaaaaaaaaase

my dad’s 50th birthday party is the 6th, and i really want to make it to this too.

from what i figure, you could swap those two for Soul Calibur and DR

i know that might be asking a lot, but come on, itll be worth it :smiley:

?? But I’ve had regulation A for atleast a month and 1/2 now.

that game has too many characters.

SA will be attending.

I really need a schedule
the first post doesnt have it
Im coming from bville so I want to know if I have the chance to leave bville saturday morning or be there since friday.

3s team tournament please!

Registration opens at 1pm, tournaments all start roughly 2pm

If I wasnt so drained on funds from paying my school tuition I would love to go this I havent been to Houston in awhile. :sad: