Southwest Regionals - Houston, TX - 10/06/07-10/07/07

i might make it :smile:

I would like to add my vote to a 3s team tournament plz :sweat:

Same thing I posted at Tekkenzaibatsu. We can hold team tournaments, but its gonna depend on what time the singles ends, I don’t feel like staying til 5am =P

Added Arcana Heart and Melty Blood to the lineup.

3s teams please.

It’s very possible that I will attend.

This is on my birthday. Chou is still older. Laugh laugh laugh laugh

If 3S team tourny went down, how many people per team?

Jive Out!

That would depend on how many people wanted to enter.

Does Planet Zero have Project Justice?

Jive Out!


I would fly down to Texas if this went down.

Funny thing they do have Project Justice, I can ask if they can put it in.

lol I actually played that game back in the day. It would be cool if they could hook it up.

Jive Out!

Wow, Chris good line up. I’ll be playing quite a few games at this one!

i’m going to win melty blood, and ahf, and mvc2, and ggxx, and tekkendr… oh yeah.

is pz gonna have both 3s machines running for this regional?

nono, how you can say you have old school games without xmvsf?

COME ON NOW! MvC1 ftw!

I would like to hear how this would turn out
Dark Geese’s SNK EVO a few months ago had me come up write here!

Best regards to everyone! :china:

great. TX holds an alpha2 tourney has soon as I go back to ohio for school. I’d hate college if 90% of the chicks weren’t such complete hotties.

id love to be there for this O.o gotta tell lukus about it

^there are no controller ports in pz’s cabinets :frowning:

gaaaaad damn!!!