Southwest Slugfest Tournament - Sept. 19th - Clovis, NM

[COLOR=“Blue”]The Clovis/Portales Southwest Slugfest Street Fighter IV Tournament - September 19th[/COLOR]

Where: Hastings (easily the coolest place in Clovis, hands down)
1925 N Prince St
Clovis, NM 88101-4856
When: September 19th. Registration open 9AM-11AM. Tourney kicks off at noon.
**Game: **Street Fighter IV
Platform: Xbox 360
Format: Double-elimination. 2/3 match preliminaries, 3/5 match semi-finals, 4/7 match finals.
Entry Fee: $5
Prizes: Cash for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners (70/20/10). The more people who enter, the more fight money is up for grabs. So tell your friends.

Game Settings
Timer count: 99 (game default)
Round count: 2 (game default)
Damage/handicap: 4 stars (game default)
Stage select: Random (unless players agree on a level when the match starts)
Banned characters: NONE

Character Selection
A player who wins a match in a set must select the same character they won with for the following match. The loser, however, may choose another character. If the previous winner loses the second match, then he may choose another character, and his opponent must select the same character they won with. In short: if you win, you can’t switch until you lose. This rule is only in effect on a match-by-match basis, so if you win your first set with, say, Ryu, you do NOT have to select Ryu as your opening character for your following set.

Players may request double-blind character selection on the first set of every match. If either player makes this request, both players will secretly write down the character they intend to use. After both players have done so, the character choices will be revealed and the match will continue. In a double-blind scenario, players may NOT choose any character other than the one they wrote down.

Players are encouraged to bring their own controllers and arcade sticks. Only standard Xbox 360 controllers will be provided at the tournament. Players will either use their own controller/joystick, a standard Xbox 360 controller, or they will forfeit their matches.

There are Xbox 360/PS3 controller adapters out there, so if you would rather use a PS3 controller/stick at this tournament, pick up an adapter. They’re not always easy to find, but online auctions are a good place to start looking.

Finally, for people new to tournaments: please understand that if you don’t bring your own controller or stick, there’s no guarantee you’ll have something good to use for your matches. People who have invested in their own controllers may not want to share, and they have every right to say no, if asked. That being said, people are usually pretty chill, but all the same… it’s probably best to bring your own.

Button Configuration
-Every player will be allowed one minute to customize their buttons for their controllers/sticks
-No two buttons on any one controller/stick can serve the same function (e.g. no having two jabs)
-Macros for PPP and KKK will be allowed for controller-users only. No other macros will be allowed
-Macros will not be allowed for players using arcade sticks
-Players will be allowed one minute to perform button checks prior to each set
-Button configurations may not be changed mid-match

Your Play-All-Day Pass
We’re going to set up at least one TV and Xbox and dedicate it to casual matches for tournament contestants (including players who get eliminated out of the tournament). Outside onlookers who didn’t sign up for the tourney can play, but folks who paid to get into the tournament take priority.

Money Matches
Play money matches at your own risk. Hastings isn’t going to police these for you, and neither are any tournament officials. And remember, threatening or abusive behavior is grounds for tournament disqualification and/or removal from the premises. Be smart, and don’t get yourself into something you can’t commit to.

PLAYERS MAY NOT MAKE ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER DURING THEIR GAMES. Any violation of this rule will result in IMMEDIATE forfeiture of the SET, at the very least, and tournament disqualification in extreme cases. This rule extends to touching of joysticks, seats, line-of-sight to the television, or otherwise physically distracting players. Keep in mind that even well-intentioned pats on the back, elbow nudges, and things of that nature still count as touching, and therefore should be avoided outright. This rule will be strictly enforced, so for the duration of the match, keep your hands to yourself.

Pausing or resetting the game, by accident or not, will result in the forfeiture of the round being played. In this event, both players will stop moving their characters until the round timer ticks all the way down. The winner of the round is the one who did NOT pause the game, no matter what the in-game round counter may say.

Failure to show up for a match within 3 minutes of being called to play will result in forfeiture of the set.

Tournament Disqualification/Elimination
If you are disqualified or eliminated from the tournament for any reason at all, you are not entitled to a refund of your entry fee. The tournament directors are going to be really easy-going guys, and they definitely do NOT want to disqualify anyone. But, if it happens to you, it’s because you did something to deserve it, such as being physically/verbally aggressive, touching another player, disrupting matches, or failing to show up to a match. It’s really pretty simple - if you show up and stay cool, there will be no problems. So stay cool, and use good judgment.

Round: A single win within a match
Match: A single win within a set
Set: The combination of matches played to determine winners and losers in the tournament
Forfeiture: Loss of a round, match, or set by means other than an opponent beating you
Elimination: Loss of two tournament sets at the hands of another player, by forfeiture, or any combination thereof
Disqualification: Being kicked out of the tournament, probably because you were acting like a jerk.

wow, really a tournament near me, i’m hella excited. can’t wait to go here. I’m spread this out to my friends.

damn xbox!

me and my buds are gonna join, no xbox stick so hopefully someone will share :slight_smile: gonna offer prize money to whoever lets me use, hopefully it works lol

really just wanna see what kind of competition is out here in little ol clovis.

is this going to be streamed live?