Southwest SSF4 Endless Battle on PSN!


This is for anyone in the Southwest who wants to play fellow SRK’ers on PSN! If you would like to be added just post in the thread, send me a pm, or send me a message on PSN!

TIME AND DAY: Tuesdays starting at 7PM until you want to leave!

Thanks to rick_derris we now have a Youtube channel for or weekly battles! If you do not want to be recorded simply pm him or me and I will tell him. It really helps improve your game to watch yourself play!

YouTube - SRKSouthwest’s Channel

Even if you don’t want to play, subscribe you the youtube channel! Support in any way for this scene would be great, and you get to see local players in an arcade like setting!

Thanks guys! Maybe we can stop playing random garbage and now learn from each other instead of blocking constant wakeup HP EX SRK’s!

PSN List so far:

If you would like to be added, simply put up your PSN!


I’m up for this. :slight_smile: PSN is Jo0b4k4




Updated first post with game day and time!


I can’t wait 'til we can get this up off the ground.
I’d rather play with the same group of folks on a (semi)regular basis then random folks i don’t know.
Get hype, yo.


Yeah this whole playing random kens and idiots isn’t that fun. Whats good is I’ll post the PSN names in a list in the first post so people can add everyone and we can get more games in than just a for sure thing on tuesdays if we like :slight_smile:


You can create a chat room on PSN and invite everyone. Then it might be easier to coordinate if we have more than 8 people online at a time.


I won’t be participating as I can’t go online with my ps3, but I’d recommend definitely making a chatroom as a hub for communication (also everyone should know you can hook up any usb keyboard to your ps3) and keeping lobbies to a max of 4 people, as anymore just gets tiring. Obviously, have multiple lobbies open.


Headsets, people. Headsets.


I agree with the chat room on PSN thing. It’ll give people opportunities to find games on other days as well, and on tuesday, gives us a nice central hub to get games going; if we have a lot of people, dividing the players into skill levels would create better games, and decrease the downtime for waiting.


i’m down to play anytime i’m online


Yes I didn’t think there would be as many names as this, If next tuesday in the PSN chat room there are 8 or more people we can split, I’d take a wait and see how many people actually show up.

I don’t have a headset, and won’t be buying one, either. I have found that on PSN the majority of headset owners are 12 year olds or people that think talking an obscene amount of whining/hate and being heard helps their small dorkus ego’s.

Only the majority. SSF4 is definitely not a game you have to have a headset for.

How do you guys vote on the “if 6 or more split the rooms” idea? I’m fine for whatever over here, seems like a good idea to me, but if we have more than 8… I’d say start with one big room, if more than 6, split, keeping the first room open with 8 slots, just in case, I really don’t want to leave anyone out if they want to play.

Good call on the chat room, I honestly had forgotten that PSN had that, voice or text?

EDIT: If any of you guys have mIRC, we could make a room for these purposes also, a lot of the other SRK’ers use IRC for matchmaking as well.




Revive #lafgc

People can use mibbit to get there.


I think we need a non-louisiana one for this, I’ll be making a EFnet chat room on IRC called #swsf for southwest street fighter I guess.

The chat room in PSN can be Voice, I have no mic so you guys will have to set that up, I really think IRC is the way to go, but it’s not needed. Just add me, and I’ll keep shooting out invites at 7 onward on tuesday :slight_smile:


IRC requires a PC close to your PS3 setup with Internet. we all know that PSN needs no extra help to lag. And I doubt everyone has a pc right next to their ps3. Any USB keyboard works with PS3 so the chat room doesn’t need to be voice. We can just see how it goes next Tuesday and roll with it from there.


IRC takes up next to no bandwidth, so thats not a proper excuse. Most people have a computer near the TV. I’ll make the room text, that should take care of most problems, but the irc channel is there if anyone wants to use it.


I can record HD matches if anyone want their matches recorded, and I’ll be setting up a stream channel soon too, set let me know if you’re interested in any of this.


Sounds like a cool idea to me :slight_smile:


streaming while playing online is not really the best idea. For obvious laggy reasons. I know, i’ve tried it. Recording in HD is cool if you feel like it. I have those capabilities myself, but I haven’t done much of it lately. Maybe I’ll start doing it again for team battle and whatnot.