Southwest SSFIV:AE v2012, UMVC3, STHDR, BB:CS2, T6, 3S:OE, MK, KOF XIII on XBOX LIVE!


(Xbox GT’s) (SRK Tag-City/State)
thrawn 2112 (Galvan 2356-Grand Praire, Texas)
noobgirlgamer (Spurs Yo-San Antonio, Texas)
SmokeMaxX (SmokeMaxX-Arkansas)
Carbocation SRK (Carbocation-Austin, Texas)
TKU Demarcus (Demarcus-Killeen, Texas)
EAMendietta (SFfighterlove-Dallas, Texas)
Lonestar451(Lonestar41-San Antonio, Texas)
phett01 (Phett-Dallas, Texas)
pkrstdnt (pkrstdnt-Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas)
SoupyShoe SRK (SoupyShoe-Corpus Chrisi, Texas)
CAT713 (Katt-Houston, Texas)
Maximo254 (Maximo254-Killeen, Texas)
libfrequency (Libfreg-Grapevine, Texas)
ILL777WILL (Illwill-Houston, Texas)
Pythiasyoung (Suavion-Houston, Texas)
JOP Macho (JOP-Dallas, Texas)
RaveneyesNOLA (Raveneyesno)
FrankTheTank (FranktheTankXX-Austin, Texas)
Gottnoskill (Gottnoskill-???)
Futilesilencer (Jugger-NOT, Dallas, Texas)
Xoxydex (P.Y.T-Dallas, Texas)
ADifferentAce (lifefire940-Dallas, Texas)
3nigmat1c (3nigmat1c-Houston, Texas)
z0sum (z0sum-Houston, Texas)
Hop Vo (Hadouken696969-Houston, Texas)
CaptainButtocks (CaptainButtocks-El Paso, Texas)
G0DWAR (GODWAR-Laredo, Texas)
Eaticmno ( Eaticmno-Euless, Texas)
pkrstdnt (pkrstdnt-Dallas(Fort Worth), Texas)
Dr. GriMM (Satsujin_Style-Killeen, Texas)
Spike (ekipz XBL-???)
Al Frapp ( Al Frappuccino-???)
DreadPirateKing (SocialMicrobe-???)
Redpolo504 (Teddie504-New Orleans, Louisiana)
UTBroward (Broward-Houston, Texas)
Not Ant (NoT AnT-???)
TRUJD3S (J.D-Brownsville, Texas)
Exhume 13 (Mr-Phelps, Corpus Chrisi, Texas)
Pcutta24 (Pcutta24-Houston, Texas)
DukAmok (DukAmok SRK-Houston, Texas)
KaboXx (KaboXx-Eagle Pass, Texas)
solidxpanda (solidxpanda-Conway, Arkansas)
seiei enbu (Retekin-Dallas, Texas)
dialupslim (icefuzion.remix, Texas)
DeusNasu (DeusNasu-Waco, Texas)
liquidzamo (Liquidzamo02-Houston, Texas)
beyondability (BeyondAbility-Laredo, Texas)
hendrixplayer (Xi Weng-Arkansas)
SweetBeard B (madmanwithhisfists-Wichita Falls, Texas)
Dang Winchester (Winchester-Houston, Texas)
STKM0O0 (Mo0o-San Antonio, Texas)
cHa0tix8 (cHa0tix-Dallas, Texas)
Kaoshin DyN (Kaoshin-Abilene, Texas)
Satsujin Style (Satsui-Killeen, Texas)
x Sheba baby x ( Sheba baby-Dallas, Texas)
Ikaru Montoya (Ikaru-Austin, Texas)
citays (cities-Lake Charles, Louisiana)
MBN Yatchinator (Ash2k4-San Antonio, Texas)
Mungstar( Mungstar-Norman, Oklahoma)
Rudy Alaniz (Sinister-X-San Antonio, Texas)
Nori iGDR (Nori-San Antonio, Texas)
ranmasama (ranmasama-New Orleans, Louisiana)
DisturbinglyZen (DisturbinglyZen-Arkansas)
KingAirbrush (AirBrushKing-Houston, Texas)
Nmbr1krush (Nmbr1krush-Dallas, Texas)
Clutch City 95 (madoc-Houston, Texas)
Flash House (Big House- San Antonio, Texas)
R3yR4y ( R3y-Corpus Christi, Texas)
x Flipsta x (Dallaz D-Dallas, Texas)
JOSER5 (wicho-Houston, Texas)
Had0cken (Shadow VII-El Paso, Texas)
Chuvylicious (Chuvylicious-Dallas, Texas)
TheWord832 (AWord-Houston, Texas)
l bindustries (ibme-Grapevine, Texas)
Fr33Kill88 (Exceed^-Dallas, Texas)
luizomania (Luiz-Brownsville, Texas)
Seoul Style (Chobo-Killeen, Texas)
Nitrous Zombie (Goose Strike.-Brownsville, Texas)


You can add me to the list. Not promising I can make it everytime, but I’ll show up when I can.

GT is DisturbinglyZen


Willing to play vs anyone

Clutch City 95


sign me up

The Rage VII


Seoul Style for those wanting to play a Balrog


MBN Yatchinator iam ok :smiley: i main viper and rose


Add my girlFriend Her Name is …


Her name is kimberly and she is pretty good. …


thrawn 2112


I won’t be on often, but I’d like to get involved.


Nmbr1krush homie. My brother is on live mostly. I just pay for it :annoy:


Gt- Flash House

im trying to get used to using a stick now…anyone down for an endless lobby tonight?


Rodolfo Alaniz!!! add me GT:


Good shit sin-x:tup:. A good idea would be to request this as a sticky that way all the new comers to the sw section can post there gamertag and jump right in the competition. Just a suggestion…

Add me GT: KingAirbrush


add me rudy; i wont even play cammy :slight_smile:




Updated :tup:

can someone sticky this thread :smile:


Put me on there Rudy. GT - ranmasama


GT: x Sheba baby x
Dallas Tx is in the house


GT: citays