Southwest Tournaments/Events Schedule and Organizer Discussion Thread (Updated 01/02)


I’ve decided to make this thread to sort out everything that is happening in the good ol’ Southwest and since sometimes tournament threads get buried in the Tournament Discussion Thread and get over looked. This is also a good place for people to make announcements and discuss dates with one another so they don’t collide with each other like they have in the past.
If I do not post something up right away be patient I do have a life outside of SRK. In case I miss something post in here letting me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible.
<div style=“color:#0000FF”><center><b>Latest Updates: Updates in italics and red font are reserved dates for upcoming but not finalized tournaments</b></center></div><br/>
<center><b>Tournaments In Order By Date</b></center><br/>
<div style=“color:#DF7401”><b>January</b></div><br/>
<div style=“color:#DF7401”><b>February</b></div><br/>
<div style=“color:#DF7401”><b>March</b></div><br/>
<div style=“color:#008000”><b>March 14th-16th</b></div> <b>Final Round XVII - Atlanta, GA</b><br/><br/>
[March 14-16, 2014] Atlanta, GA “FINAL ROUND XVII” Da Tradition Continues!
<div style=“color:#DF7401”><b>April</b></div><br/>
<div style=“color:#008000”><b>April 4th-6th</b></div> <b>Texas Showdown - Houston, TX</b><br/><br/><br/>
<center><b>Southwest RANBAT Schedules</b></center></br>
If I am missing your tournament or would like me to add some missing information post up and I’ll switch what you need same goes for if a tournament gets canceled let me know so I can delete it. Changes/suggestions?

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This should be a sticky…


100% Agreed:tup:


Is there a color that shows up on all if not most of the SRK webpage styles?

The blue color in the name of the tournament is a little hard on blue steel and I tried lime green but that didn’t work well with SRK 09.


Yellow text sucks, hurts my eyes!!! :frowning:
But yeah man, nice topic.


Ok. I see what you are talking about now. I always use blue steel so I couldnt see it that much. Ill let you know if I have some new ideas to improve this thread… I guess you can try to find colors that are universal for all of the styles that are offered.


Oh yeah before I forget I came across 3 tournaments that I wasn’t sure on.

I read that Dallas had one coming in April but had a TBA date on it, something called Quakecon in Aug (was gonna try and have a SF4 tourny), and I think Dark Geese was doing something in El Paso later on but it looks like it got moved to Devastation in Phoenix. Anybody got any info on any of these tournaments so that I can put them up?



wow, thanks for puting us there DJ


Just wanted to add that one to the list if possible.



Im doing a tournament on May 2 at funplex. Houston’s first console SF4 major. 400+ people. Venue Can you add that up there plz thanx :slight_smile:


Updated the first post with a new san antonio tournament in August, Soul Calibur Nationals in Colorado, and Airbrushking’s tournament in May. Sorry for being MIA for a few days. I’ve been really busy but I’m on it again a few days won’t hurt gonna go comb the tournament thread to see if there is anything new that I missed.

EDIT: This is to the organizers: if there are any other links you would like me to add under the thread link feel free to post them up or PM and I’ll add it under the other link. I went ahead and did it for the Colorado one , pre reg for trashday, ABK, and flyers for both Colorado and the Mex tourny.

Please only links to tournament webpages or other threads ONLY no sponsor/venue links thats what the other links are for. Links to Flyer welcome.



Thanks! The gif banner really isnt the flyer, we should have that up soon though for the sc4 nationals. Ill post it in here/in the thread when its done.


Updated the first post with a new Arcade UFO tournament in may.



Holy shit! How did you do that?
Damn, you is quick :lol:


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New uh something popped up

Says that it is an announcement but that it is not the announcement of a tournament but the thread looks like one giant tournament thread and even has a section that says tournament games??? Anybody with any info on this? This one has me a little confused.

EDIT: Nevermind on this I’m going to add it anyway. This is for tournament and EVENTS that are game related. It is a convention with tournaments (maybe) but games for sure so I’ll add it.



Get serious!


Updated with a new Corpus Tournament in June.




Updated with 2 new tournaments. New ABK tournament in July and Dark Geese Raging Storm Quals in Sept.



Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 3S, and Marvel Tourney in Dallas TX June 13th!