Southwest Tournaments/Events Schedule and Organizer Discussion Thread (Updated 01/02)

I can link you to my threads. Saturday Night Smackdown (this weekend) isn’t too important so you don’t have to worry about updating it. I can find ARK IV for you though.


Here’s ARK IV. Text is sorta messed up because there aren’t any spoiler tags right now, but I’m leaving it like that because I"m hoping they’ll eventually re-implement them.

UCC Proving Grounds: So it Begins… June 18, 2011~ link is ready

*Remember, city meets in K-Town on the 11th, with the tourney the following Saturday. So you’ll get plenty of time on our setups and if need be, make adjustments.


Updated and your thread title has the date set for 05/18 instead of 06/18.


Demon Jim- Got my thread updated so the link has changed. It is now at [Sep 17, 2011] ARK IV - ~200 people, Feat. Marn, JWong, + More! AE/MvC3/+More! (Jacksonville, AR)

damn, good catch! I’ll fix it.


Hey Jim, please put this up on the front page for me:

[SIZE=3][Jun 25, 2011] Super Showdown 3 Texarkana, TX 5-25-11 SSFIV:AE, MVC3, MK9, SSMB (Texarkana, Tx)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Thanks, Deezee**

Hey, OP, got a tournament planned June 27th in Bentonville, AR. Arkansas Armageddon we’re calling it.

I am just going to leave this here…still some updates to come, but hype for the most part.

I had to re-create the tourney thread… because the thread was never created and just the event. So know you are able to post, inquire about the tourney and etc…

^Please update the link, DJ. Thanks.


I’ll be moving into my new apartment this weekend and the cable/internet doesn’t get installed till Monday, so yeah I won’t have internet till Monday when I come back to work so if anything should pop up I’ll get it Monday. There is a chance I will get it earlier but I’m not making promises.


Sorry man, we had a re schedule, so please change whenever u get a change. new date is July 9th. new Thread:

Date and title change. Test Your Skills Bar Fights 3 will be on July 2 and here is the thread link–> [Jul 2, 2011] Test Your Skills Bar Fights 3 (Road To Evo) (Sugar Land, TX) Please remove Test Your Skills 16 info. Thanks and see everyone there d=0]

Tournament added. I don’t know if it’s just my computer but I can’t read anything in the your thread ABK. I have to highlight the whole first post to read it.

EDIT: Nevermind it all depends on the theme you have. I have SRK light so for some reason I see white font on white background.


Added the thread for Texas Bar Fights IV on July 2nd, DJ, thanks.

I don’t know what happened to SRK but the option to put font colors disappeared and it also reset the color pallet on my post. As you know I use the colors a lot on the front page. So hopefully just for a little while the first post will be entirely in you basic black or white font until the color thing gets fixed.


Yo guys, add this on there.

Tokyo in Tulsa

DJ: I don’t think you updated our link…



No matter how many times I put that link on the front page the link always appears broken. If you click it you get some weird calendar. If I click the link in your post it works. If you check the link it is correct. I have no idea why your link will not work on the front page.


Not sure if there’s a thread or not, but PZ is hosting their SBO qualifiers for BB and SSF4AE on July 23.