Southwest Tournaments/Events Schedule and Organizer Discussion Thread (Updated 01/02)


The date is tentative, it may change IF there ends up being a UFC fight or a big ball game that night.

jan 2012?

I recently found a De Lorean :rofl:

It’s been fixed.


I’d like to reserve October 27th for a major event. The Big Two along with Tekken Tag 2 as the main event. Large pot bonuses to be annouced soon along with a full lineup of games.

Subway Iron Fist
San Antonio TX
October 27th 2012
Thread coming soon.

Jim, can you post the next dtown beatdown on the front page?


Hey! Could you please update the page with this information from Albuquerque?

Albuquerque New Mexico September 22nd Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Launch Tournament

I’ll update the tournament listing on Monday. My laptop is acting up and I’m going to reformat it.


Hey DJ, this isn’t really a tourney more of a get together for everyone, so I hope it’s okay to put it here since it’s an event, and not a tourney

It’s for September 15 and 16.

Planning for Texas Bar Fights 10 to happen on December 8th, 2012. Thread to be coming soon.

Will also have a local Ranbat season leading up to it held at DFW Fight Club.

Tekken Arena 2012
Oct 6, Woodlands, Tx

Kinda last minute, I thought it was already posted on SRK, but I don’t see it. Trying to see if there is an SRK thread or not.

Here is the Facebook page

Arcade UFO is having their next tournament on Oct 13.
Street Fighter 4 AE / Persona 4 Arena / Marvel vs Capcom 3 / Tekken Tag 2

Advertised on facebook.
(will post the link when I get the chance)

Dustloop link.

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Hey Demon, can you add this event to the list:

C3 and SuperCon 2K Series presents - Holiday Bash 2012
City - Denver
State - Colorado
Date - December 8th 2012


This thread was not made to bash anyone or any tournament, this thread is merely for the spreading and finding of information.

That said. I’m going to tread lightly here, I am aware of that thread and I have read it up and down since it’s creation and have even posted in it. I know DFG was on the list at one point, but he has since gotten himself removed (I’m assuming he did what was necessary to get removed from that list). It is what it is. If someone was on the list I would not allow the tournament to get posted; there have been a few exceptions here and there but it was just to test the waters.

It is up to each individual to make their own decision on whether or not to support a specific person/event given the information provided from things written and said.


Jim, Is there anyway Absolute Battle 3 can get some facetime on the front page of SRK? Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks, Rj

I don’t really have any pull as far as to what makes the front page. I’ll send it in a message to the front page guys but not promising anything.


Now TBFX is confirmed for December 8th, 2012. Games and official thread/FB page coming soon.

Hello Rickey bullwinkle here with North point Computers We are planning a south tx major feb-23rd-24th.if i can get these days reserved we are in discussion with a event room will update post with / logo/ thread on srk . we are just wanting to lock down the location to go further, We have had the first Battle for the South couple of years back and we are planning on the 2nd . Lets make this event something to remember for all of TX community
Here is the event thread on face book its slow for right now but we are getting everything together

TBFX SRK Thread and Facebook Page

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Hey Demon, we are variety of events scheduled for our 2012-2013 C3/SuperCon 2K Series in the southwest. Can you post these items in the schedule:

March 1st - 2nd - Animeland Wasabi 2013 -
May 31st - June 2nd - Denver Comic Con 2013 -
August 2nd-3rd - CutthroatCon -

We will be announcing an event in February and April soon. Thanks!!