SoVA Battle Opera 2 - 2/19/11 - Results Thread


Thanks for coming everyone! This is the biggest turnout we’ve had in a long time. Here are the full results!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3
1: RyRy
3: Kam
4: Foomyjin
5: Liquid757
5: Joe E.
7: D0N
7: TiLter
9: K1
9: Supercidal
9: Fuerte
9: AndyFreak
13: Mr. 720
13: Commi
13: whodat
13: WTFShinryuken
17: BarrelO
17: Shawn
17: Rob
17: Corey S
17: PHB
17: dsinnie the troll
17: Aleri
17: Wood
25: comatonic

Super Street Fighter 4
1: RyRy
3: K1
4: Steven
5: D0N
5: Foomyjin
7: WTFShinryuken
7: Aleri
9: Liquid757
9: Fuerte
9: Kaynon
9: dsinnie the troll
13: AJ
13: Joe E.
13: TiLter
13: Lewii
17: Kaizoku Mike
17: Kareem
17: Gummowned
17: Supercidal
17: PHB
17: comatonic
17: Alfonso
25: Reuben
25: whodat
25: Arieal
25: Wood
25: BarrelO

Arcana Heart 3
1: RyRy
2: comatonic
3: Drem
4: Kam
5: Shawn
5: dsinnie the troll
7: Gummowned
7: Saikyo Joe
9: ShinSyn
9: PHB
9: Ryto

1: BloodyRedRum
2: dsinnie the troll
3: BarrelO
4: RyRy
5: liquid757
5: Gummowned
7: Wood
7: Whodat
9: PHB
9: wtFShinryuken

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
1: RyRy
2: WTFShinryuken
3: Joe E.
5: whodat
6: Saikyo Joe

Thanks again!


aw, dsinnie didnt win his hdr trophy.


Good job Jinks on hosting this tourney! Didn’t realize it would be a decent turnout… Good shit. Congrats to placers. This was actually my first time at PAGG… its nice to see cabs for Marvel 2 and 3rd Strike again.


sorry i couldnt make it to the tourny guys looks like a good turnout though :slight_smile:

i see ryry’s team took home the gold in mvc3. my team wouldnt have been able to deal with that nonsense i have been in the lab working on some stuff hope to show it to you guys soon

winback good shit on getting second chris is good im just curious why didnt you put hagger as anchor? does his assist do nothing for ama?


eat a dick gummo.


oh damn!


17th…fuck lol at fighting the only two people ive played marvel with in tourny


Good shit on full results for every game. The numbers for HDR and Arcana 3 were really surprising so hopefully we can keep them that high in the future. When was the last time SoVA had 10 or more people for four games at once?

Jinks you killed it. Nicely ran, good judgment, superb prizes, great advertising. I’ll be at the next one whenever it is.

Glad so many people could come out and game, it was great. Congrats to Ryry and RedRum for taking home the gold. See you all next time.

At the time I wanted to keep Haggar in the middle because he doesn’t need meter to do heavy damage but he always needs a long-range assist whether it be Chris or Ammy. Then the meter he builds can go to whoever’s left (Ammy or Chris). I’m still experimenting though and yesterday taught me a lot about team order. Like you, I still need a lot of work. Hopefully we can game soon because now is the best time to play Marvel 3.


All i can say about this is i wish work diddent screw me over and change my work days up :confused:



Pictures can be found here

That was fun. I wanna join in the MvC3 next time. xD lots of props to you Jinks for organizing this event!


good shit nick & ryry


Good shit Jinks on a job well done. Way to bring some HYPE back. I had a good time. I got 4th place in my first MvC2 tournament, so 4th doesn’t seem so bad now :smiley: Especially when both of my losses were to amaterasu who I have no idea how to fight… Next time my opponent will have to earn their victory off their own merit and not my lack of knowledge :slight_smile: Post team structure for top 5 marvel placers from now on. I’ll start!

Ryry: Magneto/Dormammu/Sentinel
Winback: Chris/Hagger/GOPUPPY
Cam: Amaterasu/Sentinel/Dormammu
Foomy: Felicia/Sentinel/Morrigan
Joe E: Wolverine/Wolverine/Wolverine
Andrew C: ???/Ironman/Haggar

Lets get a bigger venue cause I think we’re going to outgrow PAGG’s back room (As if we haven’t already? :P)
Get someone to help you run each game IMO You’re only one person bro! I’ll gladly run Marvel :smiley:


i wish there was more videos i would love to see andrew c’s ironman or joes wolvyx3 lol


Good idea.

My assists were Chris-B/Haggar-A/Ammy-B. Not sure who else Joe used because I remember his team the same way Foomy does. Pretty sure Andrew used Sent. Foomy didn’t you have another team that didn’t have Felicia?


yea guys, i had Mags and Sent too. haha