SoVA Monthly! June 17th/Double Header with x3o

Gaming Double Header

June 17th will be the Newport News, Va tournament
June 18th will be the x3o Marylang tournament



Where: Play-A-Round Golf and Games
89 Nelson DR. Newport News, Va

When: Saturday June 17th, 2006 3pm

Tekken5: DR
3rd Strike (Arcade)

Format: Double Elim

Entry Fee: $5 Per Tournament

Prizes and Split 70/20/10

Im trying to get ahold of Chris (cable guy) I’ve been playing a lot of 3S, and I want to know if we can start playing together on a regular basis.

3S is picking up in SOVA!!

Man…I need to move down to SOVA if 3S is as big over there as you say. I used to live in Newport News when I was kid. Can’t be driving all the way down there from MoCo just to play 3S though…

Sure, but we can come up to MD right? So I guess driving 3 hrs to get raped is too far.

Well…I don’t drive as it is so that doesn’t help. I’ll make sure you don’t get a match off me at X30. Count on it. :tup:

Sounds good buddy.

Any sova players there ?

Post up pls!

I live in SOVA.

I don’t play 3S or Tekken though.

Actually, even though I fucking hate 3S, I’m thinking about getting into it, since it seems that that’s what gets played around here.

I’m not about to drop any money for a tournament yet though. Is there a good night for casuals? Is there a real scene? If so, what other games are played? I want to learn A3 now too, and Marvel, so let me know what the NN scene is looking like.

We usally game at my place (in newport news) or Ariez/foomy’s place (in Va beach)

$5 is hardly dropping any money for a tournament. Im all for expanding the community, but if you can’t afford $5 for a small monthly, then dont waste my time by coming to my house.


Calm down homie.

It ain’t about being able to afford shit. It just doesn’t make sense for me to waste the time and money to play a tournament in a game that I don’t play (and don’t really even like). I might as well just drop $5 on the floor.

It makes a lot more sense for me to find some casual matches, since gasp I’ll actually get to play more than two games.

And who asked to come to your house?

LOL. Jinmaster’s funny like that. Too bad you’re not closer to the MD area or I’d teach you shit in 3S. Always been my favorite fighting game (my reason for always playing P groove in CVS2) so it wouldn’t be a problem sitting down with someone to teach in casuals. 3rd Strike really isn’t that hard to pick up and play any ways so even if you hate it it won’t be that hard to get into.

I’ll teach you some 3s. Im not the best, but I can teach you the basics. I just dont want to waste my time on someone who wont attend any tournaments or will be a burden on the community.


What about holding multiple tournaments, the same days as other tournaments, despite the fact that these tournaments have been established way before yours.
Fucking hypocrite.

I’ve played in many tournaments before (and won a few), back when I lived in NYC, and used to play CvS2 seriously. So I will go to tournaments after I have a grasp of the game. Fuck, if I could get some casuals in before Saturday, I’d probably play in this one. It doesn’t make any sense to just go to the tournament though.

I don’t need to be “taught” 3S, I just want to know when people play, so that I can learn myself. I don’t need you to “waste your time” on me, because I’m not asking for anything but the time that people play. If people are gonna be playing anyway, what’s the “burden” in having one more person there that wants to learn the game?

Go to T7 then. Tell me how it is.

Havoc- Peeps play at my place in NN. If you want to get some games in, hit me up on my cell (check pms)


I’m in Norfolk right now. Depending on how busy I am tomorrow, I will try and show up.

Can you bring console 3s just in case the arcade machine is as doody as everyone says it is?

I sent you a PM earlier about Battle at the Capital. Lemme know wuz up.

:wow: Aaron u scrub. You all over the place:wow::wow: