(SoVA) monthly lock in tourneys...?

i have found a good venue in Sova that will let me host lock in tourneys. thing is i need at least 30 heads at 10$ a pop for venue to keep this thing going. if all goes well it would be more of a monthly deal kinda like C3, just over night… if any out of town players come id also offer free housing. ill be hosting pretty much every hot fighter out there (with the help of the players of course) in one night.

this Clearly wont be a chump change 5$ event. big money, big pots.

i need LOTS of feed back. let me know the deal.

ill elaborate more on this by the end of the weekend.

You can count me in, I always work Mon-Sat I get off at 6PM Mon-Fri and 5PM on Caturdays. I doubt I’d need a day off for it if it’s an overnight thing. Maybe we can get some Melty Blood and Big Bang Beat if any of ya’ll play, just that all of those are PC based for the most part, so anyone want to bring a laptop and come converters we’ll get some games going in that sense too. Unless there’s someone willing to bring their PS2 Imported copy for MBAC.

im sure some one will be willing to.

this thread is not like a “tournament notice” thread. i dont have a date set or anything. im more or less trying to get feed back from the community to see how many players are at least interested, what kinds of games they want to play, and if there willing to support this tourney so that i cant become a monthly part of sovas small gaming scene.

Ryry, if you want to help do Tekken5 i know you know a bunch of players.

Whodat, Dragon charlz, i know you buys can get the rest of team BFN out here.

10X, you have lots of connections in the 3S community.

And i myself will be bringing in smash players for both Melee AND Brawl.

i need players to network and let me know whats up. its hard to find a good venue in sova and i dont want to let this slip through the cracks.

any other ideas? games? suggestions?

count me in on it. even tho i’m still not tourney level. i’m always down to support the local scene for whatever.

I like honey on my biscuits w/ a side of green tea.

WTF, random.

Good matches today in 3S, 10X. i gotta step it up before sunday. ~.~;

Ah, I mean: I’m game for this lock-in whenever it pops up.

p.s. I STILL hate the 150s rule b/w posts.

fucking srk deleted my one page post when I went to post it because it logged me out…ah shit. Blah, I’ll just be more concise.

Anyway, I foresee a problem in this tourney in that the price is way too high. $20 just to enter one game? Lower the venue price somehow and make the difference by holding a smash tourney or something…this also puts a strain on resources I know but I can’t see people paying out the ass for gas and then paying $20 to enter one game. I just don’t think the numbers are there for monthlies at that price. As a monthly it’s gotta be cheaper. Perhaps rethink your venue.

PAGG is better for monthlies (awesome owner, food all around, good location in that it’s better for people coming from the west and north, etc…), the only problem is the people that throw em. I’ve always thought the tournies at PAGG were too sporadic, and sort of happened without warning. Talk to Wes and see if we can’t get something more regular going on, he doesn’t really care because he makes his money in tokens, so no venue fee. Any games not on arcade can be held in the side room on console.

If you still wanna throw something with big pots n’ shit, then let’s do it, but I don’t think it could be every month. Also, let’s give people a reason to come out by throwing interesting events (VA vs NC anyone?), make it hype, record it and put on youtube. Give people a reason to come out, especially those that have never been to a tourney. I dunno just my two cents.

If you wanna do this shit, I’m with you 100%:rock:, but the execution should be really solid. I don’t want to just throw another sloppy SOVA tourney, ya know?

I’m down to help out with this…w/e I can do to help, I’ll be back in VA in 2 weeks.

thats whats up. im just glad to see people with good thoughts toward this.

im still playing with ideas on how to lower the overall venue fee to get more heads out there.

a suggestion i got recently was to have a 5-7$ venue, and take a percentage out of the tourney posts to pay off the venue.

would anyone be fore/ against this option?

Sounds good to me, lower venue means more players, so them tourney pots will be able to take the percentage hit without really taking a lot of paper from the winner.

So, your idea is to lower the venue fee on arrival and just take out a percentage from each game’s pot?

What % would that be? Say, for example, you have 10 competitors for Tekken:DR, 30 for 3S, and 45 for SSBB. Would you take out the same % from each game? Or, would you like to statistically look at which game is more popular and will definitely get play, and charge more for entry into those OR up the percentage on those?


  1. what percentage would you take out of the pot?
  2. would you make it standard for ALL games regardless of turn-out?

i guess that would depend on the amount of heads that show up overall.

as it stands, the venue costs like 300$ for the night. if i get enough heads to pay the venue ( thats like 60 heads at 5$) then we wont have to even worry about it. its gonna have o be even. like im not gonna take 30$ from each game, one game may only have a 60$ pot where others have like a 150$ pot.

percentage would be fair. but the percent will have to be based on attendance overall.

honestly, i CAN just run this shit at my house, and charge 5 a head but attendance would cap at like 25 heads.

can we do a round robin in CVS2 3RD MVC2…same format as PAGG…but instead more tvs lol and 2/3 per match point…2v2 or singles is fine???

lemme know…and pm me date and time u wanna do this…

Yeah, no date or anything set up yet. im still rolling ideas with the community and the owners.

mainly, we can run WHATEVER we want. all i really need is people to show. thats my only issue. if these people make no money, or even worse come out loosing money they wont wanna do it again.


if 30 players @ $10 a head is a must, then this will not work as a monthly in my opinion…not right now anyway.

-Tekken players don’t care about DR right now, most of them are playing trashy SC IV waiting for T6 to drop
-SoVA’s 2D community is sketchy about showing up for events in strong numbers…sorry, but 5 or 6 dudes that randomly diddn’t have to work/fuck/sleep on the date/time in question isn’t gonna cut it
-Smash players don’t know about the event…and if they did, then you need more room…p.s. fuck smashers
-needs more bacon
-i won’t be there
-N’d of thread

O-NO, PM sent.