SOVA monthly may 18th @ PAGG newport news

Sova Monthly May 18th
Play A Round Golf & Games
10814 Warwick Blvd
Newport News, VA 23601

Pay out is 60/30/10
$10 entry

Arcade Games:
Tekken Dr

Console Games:
Mvc2 (DC)
3rd Strike (PS2)
CvS2 (PS2)

$10 Entry $2 Venue fee
Singles Round Robin 2 out of 3 format.(BYOC)

Please train hard for this guys…show off your multi talent abilities!

And please everyone,can we have 2 tvs brought from the SOVA area?

it would help alot…pm me if its posible…thanks alot to the SF Sova community again…

Eric V-

More TBA

I should be getting off at 3 and i’ll be there right away!

I’ll be there. Let’s play a lot of dumb shit on the Mame cabinet again.

Frog game money matches…anyone?

TTT is to be held on console (ps2) if it happens, but that depends on interest.
if time and interest permit, a T5DR Team tournament will be happening as well.

3 dollar MM for that frog game 10x?

i’ll be there

make it 5 and you got yourself a deal.

you guys cant beat me in the frog olympics game…

i may be at this, ill be done with classes and hopefully moved in my new place and im long opver due a trip down there…

I think I already have beat you the one time we played. I’ll do again if you put up that money.

negative… ive never been beaten, although it is possible but you better be fast

Sho Nuff

:annoy:SUp Yall…well lets make this happen…everyone train hard and rep ur shit…and plz any extra tvs would be great…thx again…c u there…

PS…Remember to bring your Joysticks cause this tourney is console only…If u dont have Im sure you can borrow someones…i suggest you invest in 1 if u have not already…


For the console tourney I think it might be nice to get some converters too, we were fortunate/unfortunately working with just one TV, but if we’re getting multiple TV’s were going to need a few. Might be nice to get a better setup of the whole room so that way I ain’t playing footsie in game and irl.

I’ll be there if I dont have work.

i should be up there.

put melee in the line up and i WILL be there.

I may show up.

Have Guilty Gear too…

yo, does anybody know where the church’s chicken in sova is?

and eric v. you owe me a ride!

TRUE TRUE…see you guys Sunday…

Got duty that day, can’t make it :frowning: