SoVA On LOCK. June 7th, 2008 (saturday) Cheasapeake VA


Erin ( 10x ) we gotta team up for teams in Third and CvS2 bro…Team Joose!

If I go I’ll enter Third and CvS2…Maybe ST and Arcana and if we can get GG in there I’ll deff enter that.

I’ll take money matches in Third/CvS2/GG name your prices.


I’ll play you in CvS2 ft5 for $50.

Mamation is down for 2/3 for $20 in GG

What’s good?


I’ve played CvS2 like 3 times in the last 2 years and you look like a CvS player so I’ll do $25 in CvS2 and $25 in GG. Deal?




Wow, you’re a rowdy one now aren’t you? I accept.


vs Nelson, MvC2 (Ft5) for $10
vs Nelson, 3s (Ft5) for $10
vs Nelson, AH (Ft5) for $10

June 7th.


Yeah, the thread needs to be bumped when the previous tourney is above the up-coming tourney.


im brining GG:AC.

you guys want a tourney? who will play. give me at least 8 and ill run it.

for anyone whos NOT going to c3 this weekend, the store is holding a 3s tourney.

BYOC, 5$venue, 5$ entery. you know the deal.


I’ll enter GG :tup:


I plan to be there and I am down for GG


Triple Threat!?!?!!? Ray? Hahah, actually due to poor sentence structure I meant if anyone else was wanting to money match 3rd Strike or Arcana Heart I’ll be up for it.

I know I’m definitely going to run that Marvel MM with you again. Although it isn’t a bad idea to add 3S and AH in there.


vs judge-rl Marvel for $10 ft10
vs judge-rl 3S for $5 ft 5
vs judge-rl AH for $5 ft 5


vs Eric V for $5 ft 5 w/ low tier stipulation?




Dude, you know you play casuals like ur in tourney. What we drinkin? :woot:

also, fill me in with these avs popping up of this guy?


:amazed: oh you dont know?!?


ok, anyone need housing for this event?

its on saturday night. so if anyone is coming down friday night, they can stay with me. also, if you need a nap or something before driving home sunday, you can stay at my place.

the venue does not allow people to go in and out one inside the venue. theres no drinking AT the venue, but my house is another story ^.^

GG:AC is now gonna be added to the line up.

get this shit poppin!


whos bringing setups?

this place has about a million HD tvs. and you know that shit wont fly. im bringing 2 tvs and theres 3 other good ones there. let me know whos got set ups!!!
also, if you guys want tekken to happen, where gonna need ps3s. the place has ps3s, but no tekken dr.

let me know so we can get this thing set up right.


wow, it nearly took me an hour to take this all in…i remember looking in that ex-gf thread a while back and even saw STA’s ‘pics’ (dude, there is one pic of a FINE light-skinned chick who has a twin?!?). Yeah, SRK is Myspace’s little sister at this point. tsk tsk


im down for any 3s and a3 mms and some cvs2 mms. troy, $10 each in 3s+cvs2 2/3?


fuck the bs, im still tryin to MM some one in project justice! (capcom tekken lol)

someone man the fuck up!



Oh. Nvm. I thought you said Marvel.


O-NO, where can I go to get a quick copy of that PJ to learn some stuff before this goes down? PM me if you know what I mean.


hmm, that i actually dont know.

but if you come to my place next weekend, ill show you the ropes. its a real easy game to learn. once you get the hang of it the mix ups are fun.