SOVA Sessions/Tourny's


My brother and I are looking for people in our area for both sessions or tourny’s. We are located in the virginia beach area but I dont mind traveling out. This is just for UMvC3 mainly because we havent really picked up any other fighting game…I’m not totally against the idea its just never really had any other interests. anyways I dont mind hosting either if we can get a good group out but if someone already has an established place please let me know. wanna get a lot better. I just requested to join the SOVA fighting game community on facebook so i will post there as well


Greetings, I’ve been looking for people to game with around the Norfolk, VA Beach area too. Havent yet to find any kind of group.
I’m interested in pretty much any fighting game. Hope someone reads this soon.


Hello, it exists, in both Norfolk and VA Beach. We have an upcoming tournament in Chesapeake this Saturday: Top Of The Food Chain #4 You should come out, if you can.

Also, you should join the SOVA Fighting Game Community group on facebook. Even if you don’t care to post there, you could at least lurk it to find out when sessions are happening. We have two weekly events, one is at Replays in VA Beach on Sundays (won’t be one this coming Sunday) and the other is at Winners Sports Bar in Norfolk Tuesday nights. No one uses the forums anymore, so that’s why it’s dead, but there’s definitely people in the area who play.


Im in lynchburg but id love to come out 1 weekend if theres a couch to crash on…mainly play umvc3 here as well


Wow, Lynchburg? A bit of a ways from us, but if you’re willing to drive that far, we should be able to get someone to house you. Join the facebook group that I mentioned above. Do you play with the Blacksburg/Roanoake scene? Or Richmond?


i have played w the roanoke crew before but not too often…never been to richmond to play…also i dont have facebook


You should make a facebook account, even if only to lurk the local fighting game groups. That’s what I do. Sadly, it’s the only way to keep track of when gatherings, sessions, and tournaments are happening, since no one uses the forums anymore. This is coming from one biggest facebook haters.

There is a tournament in Richmond coming up Novemeber 23 at VCU campus - River City Runbacks 3. Are you going to that?


prob not as thanksgiving is that weekend…anything goin on this weekend? ps ill probably break down and make a fb this week for this exact purpose…


I thought Thanksgiving was the week after that? It’s always the last Thursday of the month, right?




Just got into town, are y’all still doing casuals at winners sports bar tonight and if so what time?


Sorry for the late reply. If you haven’t already come out since then, Winner’s is on still on this Tuesday. What games are you looking to play?


dbc holding it down.


You still hosting sessions at your place?