"SPAAAACE LAAAAAANCE!"- The Tekkaman Thread

Still waiting on the game for me when I get back home in a couple weeks, but already can see that Tekkaman’s supers are very powerful (despite their startup/recovery)

Does he gain any new combos when he “OH NO! THE SPACE LANCE! IT SLIPPED” ?

also are there any BnB’s after “SPACE LARIAT!!!”?

with chun li assist its easy to combo into MAKE IT RAIN super. just A B C (chun) 623 super, does like 28000 dmg with 1 meter

you dont seem to be able to DHC out of that super though, and its almost definitely unsafe on hit against characters with beam supers

other random stuff:

  • scorpion spear picks up his regular spear if it’s dropped
  • his jabs are so slow that a lot of unsafe stuff is safe against him
  • jump C hits multiple times, but his low A is so slow that it’s still not that hard to block
  • you can combo into MAKE IT RAIN from his horizontal scorpion spear if you’re far enough, but i dunno how often that’s going to land at that range

outside of that one damaging combo and good DHC potential, he doesn’t seem very good honestly. his assist allows for some quirky combos, though

When he doesn’t have the SPACE LANCE the supers start up faster.

My BnB with him has been B, C, df+C, jump, (charge down), B, up+C

At that point you can super cancel to the air version of space lazer, but it wont combo. I havent tried it, but perhaps there is a super i can DHC to right away to get a combo out of it. Otherwise, let up+C finish and use d+C to get back to the ground.

I dont find him to be bad at all. He hits like a truck, and you can make a lot of his blocked stuff safe vs most characters by simply mashing C to do the space-thrust.

I enjoy playing him so far, so ill keep toying around and see what i can find.

j1n has said, vs tekkaman, “where did all my life go?”

Here’s a ground combo that I do

5a 5b 5c 6c (one hit) 214B

He can do his Voltekka in midair but has some rather crappy startup with or without spear, and he falls down to the ground afterwards.

You can do some funky stuff with his SPACE LARIAT.

Okay, trying tekkaman, this is the absolute best I could come up with(this nigga does retarded damage :arazz:)

IAD j.B, 2a 5b 2b [Baroque] IAD j.B 2a 5b 2b 5c 3c |SJ| charge down, j.B. 8C

Depending on how much red life you have, he can do from 50% to 90%(30% red life is goodbye opponent)

You can combo his sonic boom from 5c, use the C version. He can then do w/e, but I can’t seem to find a combo that’ll work without the SPACE LANCE. He has the damage, but I don’t see how hes gonna get it in. Play smart and punish with a vengeance I guess

Im toying around with B, c.B xx baroque, f+C (2 hits), hcb+A.

Not sure where to go after this, but im doing charge down, up+A, or jump A B jump B B.

I dont know how to land supers with this guy other than doing them randomly or off assists here and there.

At first I thought he was keep away. But I have started rushing in alot with i.ad light attack.

BnB has been I.ad (hold back) A, B, (land) A , B, release charge with C x qcf super.
Great Damage.

Also, his charge seems to be less than 2 sec., or maybe it never was. But in punishment situations like missed shoryuken, I dash in while holding back A , B, release charge with C x qcf super.

When I’m being rushdowned, I pushblock, 2b, 1c (2-hits) (charge db) and either do 6a or 8a depending on situation. Most of the time 6a because the lance comes back pretty fast.

what ripgut said. you can combo into beam super solo if you super cancel his sonic boom for good damage. you can combo into his MAKE IT RAIN super pretty easily with chunli or polymer assist for a lot of damage

ill toy with those assist. i was doing sonic boom xx lazer at evo, but ive had it uncombo a lot in actual gameplay of the console version. doesnt help that ryu can punish that super on hit with shinkuu.

Shinkuu is the new AHVB.

Hi I found a nice combo that does around 18-20k dmg with Tekkaman that I think you guys would like. . .

IAD j.B 5a 5b 2b 5c 3c sj (hold down) j.B 8c (19 hits)

Tekkaman’s spear is just long enough to connect the launcher after being so far away from yr enemy. ;"D!

Unsure as to whether or not you can connect an A before the j.B at the end because I was pretty satisfied with this combo as it is, but yr welcome to give it a go.

Also, you can connect the second hit of his 6c into his MAKE IT RAIN on the taller characters if they are close to you because the spear hits them.

Sadly i found out that you can “retrieve” his Space Lance after throwing it by doing his command throw with “A” (sorry if i dont know the name of the move)

I hate this bastard because he does a ridiculous amount of chip damage…And its almost impossible to avoid. A ryu and this bastard is annoying as hell. the super beams never end.

repeate advance guard removes most chip damage.

Some more interesting Tekkaman notes:
-j.d+C hits OTG, so if you end an air combo in the corner with j.C, once Tekkaman lands, jump u/f, j.d+C. Furthermore, if you do Baroque when you hit j.d+C, Tekkaman can fit in yet another j.d+C (just press d+C after the Baroque).

-Tekkaman can do QCB+A, d/f+C with a successful launch, but when you try to air combo, the opponent ends up behind Tekkaman and only his j.B’s, j.C and charge d,u+A/B/C will hit. QCB+A, d/f+C works pretty consistently, but if you do up close, you might end up doing c.C.

Tekkaman hits like a SPACE truck.

As for the chip damage, is there any way to prevent the opponent from using AG during his beams? Perhaps using an assist to lock them into normal guard or something? I don’t know exactly how AG works since I don’t have the game yet, but I see some players using it during supers and others who don’t.

Haha, so the aerial version of D,U + C leaves the enemy in an extremely long hit stun, so long that you can juggle with a second D, U + C directly after the first. The following combo deals 23573 damage at the cost of zero meter and no assist usage, roughly 50% damage. This actually inflicts more damage than canceling his spear throw into his laser super.

2A-> B-> 2B-> C-> 2C->3C, super jump cancel, JB-> D, U + C, link into another D, U + C.

Tekkaman is giant robot monster man.

Oh, and the same combo can be applied to Variable Air Raids to add decent damage to them for only 1 meter. Say for example you’re using the Chun-li + Tekkaman team people seem to like, start a combo with Chun like 2A–>2A–>2B–>C–>3C, super jump cancel, B–>B, jc B–>B, jc B–B--> QCF + P (V. Air Raid), then as Tekkaman comes in, hit A–>B–>B–>D, U + C, then D, U + C again. The combo deals just over 20000, which is about as much damage as Chun-li’s aerial level 3 combos deal, but at the cost of only 1 meter.