Space Ghost Coast To Coast Returning?

Go to about 5:35 in the video. And got this off rangerboard and wanted to see what people here thought about it.

Would be nice…but not gonna hold my breath on it. Especially on whatever it is CN got planned for their anniversary…I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.

I hope it get’s a revival. Williams Street has been pumping out/funding shitty shows for the past 6 years; with the exception of TAESGJ.

Unless it’s going to have a Regular Show-level of a return in its writing (clever radar dodging subtlety), I wouldn’t count on it.

SGC2C’s 2001+ seasons sucked because it didn’t even do that. The last true SGC2C episode to me is Fire Ant.

I found that shit boring. Bring back Harvey Birdman.

I liked cartoon plantet, lol

this show is tight though, hope for the best

George Lowe = THE SHIT


lmao. Cartoon Planet was a side project used for filler on TBS back in 95, so it’s not even a legitimate show.

Adult Swim can put the show on at anytime they want because, they made the show after all. The last time I seen Cartoon Planet was back in late 2004, or early 2005, as early morning filler on AS.

So… coast to coast and back again??

Something good on Adult Swim? I doubt it.

Sorry, there’s no moe or kodomo no jikan on adult swim.

Hope that’s not aimed at me.

I’m just informing you that they don’t have those kind of shows on adult swim. Just thought you would like to know

I think you should just shut the fuck up. You’d look less dumb. Just thought you would like to know.

You serious?

Aqua teen


It’s okay, we all know you take the heads off your Bayonetta figures and do a body swap on your Buzz Lightyear toys.

hahahaha hehehe ah…what?