Space Jam 2

So it’s going to happen.

LeBron is going to star…and Justin Lin in talks to direct.


lol they been sittin on this script for years just waiting for another Jordan to retire :rofl:

LOL this shit gonna be so bad

Monstars gonna steal Steph’s power and movie will be over

For some reason I read the first line like this:

"Jeremy Lin is in talks to direct “Space Jam 2”

Matt Bonner gonna be in this movie?

Oh god why?

The sequel no one asked for.

It should’ve been Stephen Curry instead.

I remember hearing a rumor that Metta World Peace was going to be in a Space Jam sequel many yrs back. That…I would’ve liked to have seen.

Shit is gonna be worse than BvS.

I hope they use Looney Tunes Show Lola (make her a b-ball idiot savant) instead of bitch Lola from Space Jam 1.

I was hoping for Space Jelly.

Hopefully it doesn’t flop.

It will flop, LeBron will subtly throw his co-stars and director under the bus, then take his talents to South Beach another studio.

It’ll probably be average and people will undeservedly shit on it because it’s a sequel to something from their childhood that in retrospect wasn’t even that good in itself.

P.S. The fucking original Space Jam site is still up after all these years BTW:

Still the best part of Space Jam. Charles Barkley getting blocked always gets me.

It wasn’t a dream, it really happened!

Blake Griffin needs to be in this though.

I hope they use OG Lola just to freak people out. Back in the 90’s no fucks were given. But now’n’days? Please bring her back, the shit storm would be glorious! I could see it now. Parents out raged that they’re showing smut in something aimed towards kids. Like this gem here

this movie will be awesome because the first movie sucked but it was still awesome, so h8rs can alrdy step the fucc off

best line of the first one “I DIDNT KNOW DAN AKROYD WAS IN THIS PICTURE” when Bill Murray shows up in the end

Tyronn LueLaBunny

Oh was that joke terrible furry fandom? THE MOVIE WILL BE WORSE

#Dwight Howard = Shawn Bradley