Space Jump: Crazy man jumping from space


nope not space jam… But a space jump skydive from space

It’s on live on discovery channel or velocity channel

or here streaming

Dude jumps from outer space

He ain’t crazy, just a family man trying to make his way home

Sonic Boooom


It was pretty amazing.

Just glad the guy made it in one piece. Once he started spinning I got worried, but then he corrected it, and I knew he’d be fine from there. it was mind blowingly amazing


Yeh that was nuts, he was spinning for so long I was beginning to think he’d passed out of something


He was close to the sound barrier too. That moment when he was just about to jump. Said his piece, salute, and just went for it.

Fucking. Crazy.


700 miles an hour didn’t break his suit :eek:


welcome to basedjam nuttin like spacejam

we out


Imagine usin’ this to pick up chicks… :rofl:


I wonder how long it took to adjust the balloon to be able to handle both the weight of the capsule AND his massive cajones.

Pick up? Naw… for the rest of his life, he won’t have to do a thing. Women will walk up to this man, drop their panties, and grab their ankles.


Hey baby, do you think it hurt?
When what hurt?
When I fell from heaven? …Because it didn’t.
awkward silence
Redbull gives you wings!


Fuckin’ boss. I wish I could have done this. Manly accomplishment.


When the guy landed and started celebrating I though:

“Hmm… 43 years old… I hope someone in Japan is seeing this, gets inspired and they fucking stop putting teenagers in their games.”

Congrats to him. He said he almost lost consciousness when he started spinning, but he was able to regain control.




Guile throws Felix Booms at people for new SFxTekken DLC.


I wish Red Bull wasn’t so gross. I’d like to support a company that sponsors dope shit like this


i feel the same way… but its less gross when you drop a shot in it


they do a coke flavour which is pretty nice


I can see that, although I’ve heard those red bull cocktails lead to a uniquely nasty hangover :wasted:


yes they do. but i can’t complain, not only are they a huge sponsor of ESPORTS, they also sponsor a space jump?!?! they even had a full team of scientists, and i imagine they all got paid handsomely for their expertise and input. can’t hate on science sponsors.


Well, he didn’t actually jump from space.

Nonetheless, it was impressive.