Can somebody explain wtf is happening in this vid?


Execution aside, Sako just calmly stands within his c.MK range and just goes to town. He just bullies the shit out of the other guy by just standing in front of him throwing FBs, c.MKs and other pokes. Slowly cutting off screen space, frustrating the other guy.

What I don’t get is the mentality. How can he be so comfortable within his opponents attack range? What clues did his opponent give off that allowed Sako to be so confident?

What do you guys do to master spacing?

He’s proving how superior his spacing and footsies game is. He’s comfortable because he’s had enough experience playing fighting games, and SF4, to know the exact range of his attacks, versus his opponents. When you’re standing at a certain position, you should know exactly what options you and your opponent have to each other. He simply out-played his opponent using superior fundamental skills and knowledge of the game. He’s choosing ranges in which his opponent cannot jump-in on reaction to a fireball, using the far range of his, and switching it up by invading his personal space for close-game pressure.

tl;dr. You master spacing by playing the game, and learning to play footsies. It’s something that’s trained, much like any basic fundamental skill in any sport.

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