Spacing with Yun

ok yun is top tier, playing him you can just build meter and then genei combo combo combo and there goes half his life… so bullshit yes…

but then to play him effectively i’ve found that the way you space your divkicks are very important. i mean it is an easy parry if you dive from too far out and hit the other guy on the head and you will eat super or something that hurts.

watching the master ko play you can see that when he dives from a distance he lands right in front of the other guy and that creates a throw/anti-throw mixup game…

but then when you are in close, there are more options where you can dive to counter throws, throw to counter blocks, blocks to counter those annoying random srk… but i reckon when you are up close face-to-face yun hasn’t got much advantage coz no normal combos he has do much damage unless you got super.

anyone care to shed some light on this?

Umm… why would you EVER divekick into someone’s head?

And could you please rephrase your question into the form of… a more coherent question?

Well you would wanna dive into someone’s head to cross them up and then do some fancy shit get behind them you know…

but basically i just wanna talk about how to use yun’s dives most effectively so when you’ve mastered all those genei combos how is it that my yun is not as strong as the japs…

Yun isnt very strong close to characters when he has no meter, or you have to be Mester

Yun has no control when he has no meter, his combos do such minor damage without GJ, that most characters can afford to take high risks just to attempt to punish him severely. Inverted dive kicks are good to throw in Yun’s game. Just as you jump at the top of your opponents head, hold downback instead of downforward and an awkward LK dive will come out. Use regular LK dives to bait out anti airs, and punish. Never go for cross up dive unless you can time it for their lower body(or they only have a speck left), otherwise it’s a trade for a free throw in your opponent’s favor. You should get back GJ meter by then, so rinse, wash repeat~

even if you’re far away use lk divekick at the top of your jump cause landing right in front of someone will get you a free shoryu from a ken scrub

3 games are in play with yun, divekicks, jumping up, and ground attacks.

interestingly enough, they all space the same at their max distances. ie: RH divekick, dp+FP, walk up f+FP.

You’re probably wondering why your Yun gets killed even when you land your death combos right?
you might even think it’s because he does such little damage without GJ?
It’s really because your understanding of defense is not developed due to lack of play(that’s the only reason the japs beat us…it’s a science for them…beleive me I’m smarter than KO, not a better fighter).

if you’ve ever played MvC, or xvsf or Mvc2, you’d understand this:
Yun is like strider without a level, like magnus with a level, and like strider with a level activated(GJ mode…shadows like oroboros).

It’s not complicated, but it’s nerve racking to be so weak, am I right? especially when you’re not confident with combos, am I right?
nothing to be ashamed of.

With meter, you’re fucking deadly, this makes your game easy.
without it, you are vulnerable to pretty much everything.
So in the latter state of the game, just charge up with low strong, and fake some RH divekicks with SK divekicks. That’s all you can really do except a bullshit ground move…which is all they amount to, bullshit

The random ground game will win you the game if you’re ahead in life. Just connect ONE ground move(all of which are knockdowns, the usefull ones anyway) and you got another meter charged.

MY TIP: after you’ve got them blocking your second GJ, just fake a throw, always works, i don’t care what anyone sais.

MY TIP#2: i like d.skx2XXjab rush punch! most people parry high

who does fierce shoulder that shit is mad slow or maybe i’m just reading this post wrong

I wouldn’t rely on rh.divekick much. It’ll always follow the path of your jump. mk.divekick alters your direction in the air, which keeps people guessing.

lkx2, lunge punch on it’s own isn’t all that safe for mixup either. If you’re going between that & Yun’s B&B combo, you can parry st.lp & low. If you want to mix it up, use,, lunge punch. Or if you’re feeling scrubby, mp, fp, b+fp.

Of course, the first combo builds about 3 times more meter than the second.

all yuns shit is slow on the ground. feirce dp and f.feirce are all he has…except well spaced lung punches.

i use the ground moves like magnus uses his em disruptor

i find people paary yun high since he has no hit confirms low that are out of throw range.
I use d.skx2XXlung punch once in a while just to let people know it’s there if i feel they’ll start parrying high. Kinda the same idea as doing a random dp on wake up, just to fuck with them…make em worry about parrying a bit. Meta-games, like seth said.

Yun’s ground game isn’t f+HP and shoulders only.
standing far MK is a decent poke. It’s shippu-punishable on block, but it’s not that you always play against Ken (and even Ken may be not charged).
stand HP has its uses too.
Oh and low MK -> lunge punch is a hitconfirm. It’s not easy but it’s possible.

F.hp and hp shoulder are way too slow. They get parried by anyone that’s decent.

Nah, f.hp is great right outside of hit range, because it’ll eat their poke. If they don’t poke, it won’t hit them so they can’t parry. It’s really good.

Oh yeah, it also stuffs many crossups.