Spam threads.

What are all of these spam threads appearing?

I haven’t been to any of the websites but it’s clogging up all of the whats new and it’s kind of annoying.

I guess there’s no way to stop it aside from blocking the profiles individually when they pop up? Has anyone been to any of the sites that have been spammed?

I think they are websites at least…

Complain here…

The Wizard and Watson feud over who can be the true successor of McRibs has been a lengthy and drawn out conflict. Now, with Watsons newly found allies in the Azusa council, they are launching their populace of 100 year old living folk who harbour the dark arts of Korean Spam Bots onto Wizards sacred Shah Rukh Khan worshipping stronghold. These are the times we live in now.

I moved it, didn’t see the feedback section.


Every once and a while, bots figure out a way through the registration systems of high volume forums. This is not something unique to us; even Blizzard has big bot problems on their forums before. This is one of those situations of weapons vs armor; sometimes one is stronger than the other. When the weapon is more powerful, heeeeeello spam.

At any rate, we’re on invite only registration for the time being to try to deal with the recent influx of Korean bots. Sorry for the spam, we’re doing our best to deal with it.

a bot-killing mod

how do I get an invite or have someone invited?

every user has 5 invites, you can invite people via your profile page.

I thought the invite only would stop spammers…unless we got moles up in here.

ive reopened it to the public.

Just don’t reply to any of them, possibly alerting the botnet, and we should be fine.

Just a quick semi-related FYI:

If you see a thread with a video posted from the NightshiftSurpeme channel, he’s not a bot. He’s some loser who is notorious for shit-posting and linking his dumbass videos on various forums.

In other words, feel free to give him “constructive comments” since you aren’t alerting a bot net.

Looks like the Korean Bots have returned…

I think they’ve evolved to where marking them as spam alerts them to activity. All hope is lost.

@MrWizard any chance we can lock the forum down to invite mode again?

While you’re at it Wiz, please help me out in the other thread regarding subscriptions. Thanks.

Slightly different idea- can you disable or otherwise filter out posting thread titles with non-western alphabet characters?

Wouldn’t stop every bot, but would knock down the current plague anyway.

I’m all about invite-only subs if it stops Korea from blasting us in the ass.

We’re coping with it the best we can for now. I’m sure there will be an update soon.

If you see a bot post, please don’t respond to it. Using the spam tag is appropriate.

Negro, I know how to deal with a bot thread. It’s just tedious. Invite-only kept the fuckers at bay.

Registration has been temporarily shut down.