Spamming combos?


I started playing MVC 2 a few days before MVC 3 came out. During that time, I befriended someone over xbox live who was by far a much stronger player. He said that he’s been playing the game since it first came out. He gave me tips on how to improve my gameplay and was really helpful.

When MVC 3 came out, I made it my goal to try to be better than this player. We played a few times. He messaged me and said that I abused the assist button too much, that it’s cheap and kills the game. So, I changed my play style and started using the assist button a lot less. In my mind I thought," Hey, this guy knows what he’s talking about. I better listen."

A few nights ago, this player took me off his friends list after playing a few matches. We were about even in wins and losses. He messaged me, saying that he took me off his friends list because I spammed combos too much.

Now, what the hell does that mean? I can understand someone complaining about spamming fireballs from the corner, or even abusing assists, but not combos.

Am I missing something here?


No, you aren’t missing anything, he simply sucks at the game.


He’s a scrub, think that all that really needs to be said. Assist and Combos make up a nice chunk of core gameplay in MVC2 and MVC3, and, you need to learn them how to implement them if you want to get good. I’m far from the best player ever, but, even I understand that much.


Projectile Spamming, Assist Spamming and now COMBO SPAMMING !!


what will they think of next. X FACTOR SPAMMING.


In Soviet Russia, I spam block.


Slowly but surely, all of the MvC2 chumps are being weeded out…In Mr. Burns’ voice Excellent…


Try not to spam dashes or walking or crouching either. Only then will you be good at MVC3.


Yea dude. I hate when people spam block. So scrubby.


your friend suck, there is no such thing as spamming too much, combos, assits, beams, supers, whatever
the best thing that could happen to you its that he took of you from its friends, now you can learn how to play the game without missleading information
dont be affraid to use the tools that the game gives you


Haha… spamming combos. Some of these are so golden.

Without trying to come off as an ass, generally if you beat someone and they send you angry letters complaining at you ‘spamming X’ or being cheap with Y, that usually means you’re doing something right.


i hate online fighting game mentality.

“spamming combos”? jesus christ


What’s next? Are they going to complain in FPS’s that shooting someone is cheap?:confused:



Your e-friend’s simply a poor loser a.k.a. a bad sport.