Why do people think spamming their assist is knowing how to play MvC2? Do they not know that that’s “free” all day long?! Punish. What make matters worst is that they don’t even know how to play with the character from the getgo so once their assist is gone they either ragequit or give up with a nasty PM stating that you cheated, etc. What’s the point?

I admit that I’ve played tons and tons of people on XBL and they do nothing but spam me to death, but once I get a rematch and figure out their pattern I start winning and they start rage quitting. There’s this one guy that beat me 2-1 but he spammed me to death, guy didn’t even know how to FF with Sent or anything, it’s like he has that “I’ma mash all the buttons hoping to land a hit” mentality. Now when I beat him, well raped him he ragequit on me. I also admit that I hate losing against n00bs that don’t even know how to use the character, I mean don’t even know how to AD, ROM or anything.

Lag + Spamming = No way in hell you can win against it

Anyways… anyone else encounter this or is it just me?

Eh this kinda thing is nothing new. Even way back in the day with ol’arcades, it was standard procedure for newbie players and longer time casuals(who never bothered to play often enough to get better) to resort to spamming assists once they figured out how to use it.

Thats just the name of the game. Until that player bothers to learn more and get better, thats how he’ll continue to play.

I remember way back when i was first learning, some of my friends would get pissed at me because i’d spam. There was always two of me on the screen at once lol.

Edit: also i personally would not discourage a newb from assist spamming. Its a good way to learn not only the values of assisting, but also what happens when its done too much. Once they good enough and realize the benefits/dangers, they’ll tone it down all on their own.

Yeah I understand that new players always gonna have 2 players on the screen and spam away but what I’m trying to get at is that most folks think that they’re good from just spamming and then taunt you with it, like tea bagging you and shit. Like I said… there’s time where I’ve played people that do this and when I win they ragequit and call me a cheater and so forth, like wtf is the whole point? How you gonna get mad at me cause I figured out your spamming pattern?

Calling me a geek and shit cause I know how to play? Then when you take the time to reply back they try and turn it around and make it seem like your the one that’s mad or whatever. It takes like a week or two to learn to play a decent Mag or whoever you trained with so the learning curve for this game isn’t hard to learn.

I remember when I first got in the game too, I used to spam the hell outta Iron-Man and Cable assist but that was a long time ago till I understood the dangers of spamming. What folks don’t realize is that spamming their assist just shows their level of play. Once their assist is gone their fucked!

No assist to spam + Don’t know how to play with a character = Instant Rage quit, bottom line.

i dont get it. if someones free on you all day long, shouldnt that be awesome?

when i encounter it, i think “sweet!”

Eh, I kinda agree and disagree at the same time.
I haven’t been playing long: got the XBL version and I am new to the game.

Either way though, I don’t think that spamming it is bad at all (context sensitive)

If spamming it works: then do it.
If it doesn’t: don’t.

The trouble comes from people that don’t learn but that’s true of any game. So the best you can do is take that “free” stuff when they do it because it obviously doesn’t work’ but at the same time if it is beating you then they have no reason to change or adapt: they are doing well.

But the taunting and stuff like that. That is kinda rude but then again, that too might be part of what they want and piss you off so you rush in.

I guess what I am saying is that what they are doing may not be good but isn’t wrong.

Yeah it’s awesome but at the same time after you beat them they get mad and start crying to you, that gets annoying as hell when folks PM you crying cause you know how to play the game. They wouldn’t be saying that shit if it was MW2 or some shit.

I’m saying that folks that spam think they’re good, no strategy whatsoever! They taunt you after they beat you and then when you beat them and taunt them back they get mad. What’s the point in that?

I didn’t say it’s wrong or was trying to imply it but if you trying to get better at the game why not learn it?

I don’t get all that taunting and crying shit, but I can understand the assist spamming, I only got this yesterday, and I haven’t really worked out how to play it properly and get the feel of it, but instead of mashing assist I’m just using airdash like a dive kick and mashing out magic series.

i’ve gotten a couple of bad messages about spamming my assist. i simply say ‘until you punish i will continue to spam’. i don’t spam on people who are good because they know how to get around simple tactics like that. in fact, most of the messages i get i reply ‘learn to block’.

I usually PM them back saying “Learn how to play or eat a dick, plain and simple.” That usually get’s them mad as hell. :lol:

Assist spamming is exactly what Tron is for. Dodge said assist and plant Tron when the assist is defenseless. Add in a point and 2nd player with strong assist killing DHC’s and you have ruined someones day. I actually love seeing MSP for that exact reason, 4 or so tron hits and psylocke is dead and then all you you have to worry about is storm.

Actually guys, I’ve gotten to the point now to where the usual n00bage, sh.t talking and spamming don’t even bother me anymore. I can hardly ever find any good players online ( XbL ) as it is, and the ones I do find are either the people in question, or low tier whores who cdomplain when I’m trying to practice my Mag/IM/Storm/Sent etc. Although teabags do kind of piss me off a bit, and the next match I rapestomp them and return the teabag LoL. I think a better question is, why d people get so upset? If an assist comes out too much…kill it.

I find it hilarious. When XBL scrubs get overly upset about simple cable cheap strings/Traps.

I have so many rage messages full of “FUCK ******”,“NOOB” ETC.
I find it even more entertaining when they have a mic.

But back to the main topic

Spamming assist is funny to me when I play someone who does it often I just pick cable and get a free win.

Then they soon learn that calling a assist on a 2-4 bar Cable isn’t smart… Enough said

lol i was actually playing this guy today , i was using wolverine/ryu/cap (ive lately been limiting myself to only playing with characters revealed in mvc3 for fun) and this guy was beating me down horribly with an above average dhalsim…so i switch to tea scrub and all of his skill disappeared, he started spamming assist and i punished…ensuing ragequit.

but yeah, when it happens, i get excited. i also love baiting a ken assist by dashing forward then back, lol

Hmmm… It’s interesting when I play MvC2 and I face spammers. The most annoying is when you’re corner-trapped, and you have a guy using Sentinel (in Flight Mode) spamming his assist Captain Commando while stomping endlessly. Or spamming Blackheart while all this is going on. Highly annoying indeed. e_e

yeah the sentinel trap is so gdlk. I wish I could get it down 100% but I suck with Sentinel. But I hate when people spam with blackheart assist. If he had some invinciblity, that would be the best assist in the game. smh Blackheart.

I hate those assists with a passion! I just can’t stand them.

epic. this is the story of online mahvel. scrubs eek out a win. you turn it on for the next three games. game three ended with ragequit.

yeah I dun think spamming is all that much of an epidemic in this game. Even like a quick air combo puts alot of damage on assist char. Anyone else like to counter hit with their own assist?

for every stupid spam tactic… there is another tactic you can spam in opposition… that will beat it… of course some people struggle to see the difference between spam and rapid but timed use…

my fav spam team to face is sent/BH/mando…

the only people who cry about spam are the ones who don’t know how to stop it.

When’s the last time you heard anyone in the top 5 or even top 50 in marvel complain about spamming assists?

Just ignore those msgs and move on. You will keep getting better, and they will stay at the skill level because they make excuses.