=*Spanks and Shizuma's Limited Time Offer Request Thread*=

Yup me and spank have been in the avatar making mood so yeah these few days im here using the internet me and spank will take your requests…Here are some work me and spank made i feel i have to show more cause this is gonna be my first time so yeah i need the experience…and PLEASE SUPPLY STOCK!!!

Rules:None really nothing too outrageous that would prolly be it.







so with that said request away…

Monkey who? Oh wait thats me!

If you could do something with this
and have it say SNK FatGuy

this should be easy:

i’m bout to go premium in a few and wanted to use this to gif but i need them shorten

the dipset av:

i just want the part when santana is like is fading in(where he looks are blured) into the part where he’s rubbing his hands and just loop it from there. fade in, rubbing hands, repeat.(if possible)

also, monkeyspank, sorry for taken so long to use the current av that im using which you helpd me make. im a noob in so many ways. thankx in advance to who ever jumps on this. :tup:

Ill ask shizuma which one hes goina do, ill prolly do yours shatter. But thats np as long as you like it and wear it w/e u want lol.

1,000 forgive-me’s, spank.
i actually use that flashing av you did at another site…just like this one

do what you can man :tup:

i’ll +rep you 4 those last 2 av’s aswell once im premium, bet?

K snk fatdude were done with jo0 av…

next up SHATTERSTAR!!!

Shatter here ya go

a message from shatterstar,

Nice work again. Much props!

so its like that monkey… i c how it is son :[

Wutcha mean? Your goin great on your own.

i know this is a thread for making avatars but Congrats johnathan and danny on making some badass avatars. Monkey your work is awesome and i didn’t know danny had any artistic skills but keep it up man, you guys can only get better from here on. oh yeah danny GET MY BOOK. it could help me woo my new san antonio chick. and guess what shes japanese. skeet skeet

so umm yeah you want an ava… :sweat:

Is it possible to ger an Akuma Av doing the d, d, d, all punch move? if not just freak a tight akuma avatar.Animated if possible :tup:

Ya sure ill have it up later today.Shizuma might make one before so iono…youll have two options lol.

kool…i like you guys work…would like to know how to make some so if you guys g=have any tutorials i can try out let me know. :tup:

well this is what i got sorry couldnt do the animation …but yeah hopefully spank will make something better…


heres my attempt

that’s freakin hot