Sparceye jr. (for sanwa and seimitsu)


sparceye jr.

gerber files released for download (incase you feel like rolling your own)


Teaser Logo (design matters to us)

What you can expect?

  1. Works with and fits on XXX button
  2. Works with Sparky
  3. Works with Remora
  4. Will work with m3n0r4?
  5. Cost less!


Is this going to be another physical LED that goes into/on the button or just a controller? There’s so much selection in the LED mod realm I’m having trouble deciding what to buy.


Will this work with hitbox style controllers. ie will it be able to light up both the attack and directional buttons? If so, this is very exciting news!


Candy for my stickless controller.


SpArcEye jr. will help clear your decision making

Yes! 24mm 30mm even 40mm! it’s all about the switches.
No on the remora and old sparky. New one will be chainable buttons.

Who doesn’t like candy!


Will I have to wait 6 weeks to decide? :sweat:


Just enough time to order all the right parts. I have a project half done but I might wait to see what this brings. I keep redoing thing because technology keep getting better so quickly. Thanks to all the uber techs on this site. All you guys are awsome.:tup:


Seriously this. I’ve got my cabinet project half done because I’m ready to pull the trigger and then one of these badass techies comes out with some next level tech. I’ll wait to pull the trigger on this one though, the logo alone looks dope enough for me to warrant waiting. Can’t wait for someone to shut up and take my money. :rock:


If you are looking to get something now. The Remora and ArcEye3 are a good alternative that is available now.
What we are doing is introducing scalability to the existing solutions.

One of our clients has a custom chip where we mashed a PS3 bootloader with Sparky program running on top


Well, I’ve waited this long to get things up and running, so it’s cool. I’ll take the time out for testing. I bought one of each brand and size of clear button so I can figure out which works best for me. Good luck getting this off the ground! :slight_smile:


To whet your appetite.

SpArcEye jr.
Paper prototype cutout to scale

Hey look at me, i’m a sanwa

hey, look again, i’m seimitsu styled too!


Will there be any option for just bare bone pcb, no components?


will these fit Sanwa OBSN-30 RG’s? And will the light show through Non-transluscent buttons?


having led’s show through a solid button is a mute point you’re always going to need a translucent rimed button at the minimum


I have heard of some LEDs that are strong enough to light up solid buttons. I guess I heard wrong…


It depends on the type of plastic being used and its thickness.

Sanwa RG’s? Nah man.


I would happily provide you the Gerber files if you are impatient.
Otherwise, yes, i will probably have some unpopulated as well

Kinda like the light in your fridge through. Not worth it.


24mm, please? Finally? Appetite so whetted right now… :love:


Thanks for the replies guys! No LED’s for me…


it’ll be there