Spare custom stick up for grabs...(sold)

I had a friend of mine request a stick and then tell me he wanted a HAPP stick (which is too big for this box) put into it after I was done painting the box…so this means I have a spare custom stick box laying around for someone to enjoy. It’s not fully completed, and has some room for customization just yet, selling for my current custom stick price of 115$ + shipping.

Please, only offer if you’re serious, as I can have the stick shipped in a few days. I only say it because when I last opened up a lot of people popped in orders and didn’t follow up on them.

Stick specs:
Dimensions: 8.5"x11" leaving a 7.5"x10" spot for artwork. Has a 3" back height and a 2.5" front height, giving it a frontward (toward your stomach) slant.
Layout: HRAP 1 Layout, built for a SANWA stick, not a HAPP
Color: Black box, no artwork on it yet
Start/Select: Located on the button side on the side nearest the television when playing
Everything else is the same as my custom sticks, things left open to choose would be button color and artwork. PM/Email/AIM if you’re interested.


i too would like to see some pics