Spare Stick Parts and SFIV TE for Sale/Trade


Buyer Pays Shipping which I will calculate when I get your zip code for accuracy. Some products below have a “Shipped Price.” I accept Paypal, please PM me if interested. Thanks and Good Luck.

Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Stick for Xbox 360 ($130 shipped OR Trade for a Ps3 Version…stick must be in similar condition.)

This stick is brand new and has literally been played once for a few minutes (no, i’m not exaggerating) to make sure everything works. My friend bought 2 Xbox 360 versions and would like a ps3 version instead. This comes with everything in the original box, with the manual, foam, headset adapter, etc etc. If you have one to trade, please PM me otherwise $130 shipped. I’ll post some pics tonight.

Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Tops ($2.50 ea.)
1 x Black
1 x White

Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons ($18 shipped for all 8)
6 x White
2 x Black/Grey

Sanwa JL-S9F Shaft (Slightly Scratched) ($2)

Hori HRAP 24mm Pushbutton ($0.75 EA.)
2 x Yellow

Street Fighter Anniversary Buttons ($0.75 EA)
2 x Black
2 x White
2 x Blue

Street Fighter Anniversary Stick ($5)
1 x Black

MadCatz Buttons from SE ($0.75 ea.)
6 x White


Noone has a ps3 TE to trade?


Price reduction on the sanwa button set and a bump…Still looking for the TE Sale or Trade.


I’d be interested in trading for those Sanwa OBSF-30 pushbuttons. Check my thread and see if there’s anything you’d like. :slight_smile:


PM’d ya


i have a ps3 one, pm sent