Spare xbox360 PCB


i have a spare xbox360 pcb that came with my 360TE. can i put that in my ps3 TE?

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Yes you can, the Xbox 360 and PS3 PCBs should have the same (if not similar) dimensions and mounting holes.
And if not, as long as all the wiring was done correctly I do not see why not. I would suggest putting both PCBs in the same stick as a Dual-Mod, a Imp Switch or DPDT Toggle switch is the only other thing you really need, besides things such as wires and electrical connectors. If you do not know how, check the rest of this board on how to do Dual-Mods.


Absolutely. Though, the PS3 TE has all of its PCB components in the turbo panel, and there’s no sort of way to mount the 360 PCB, though plenty of blank space to mount it with your own screws or something. But it doesn’t have the mounting holes and such, it’s mostly flat space. The 360 TE uses a daughterboard in the turbo panel, and all of the actual control comes from that 360 PCB you have, but the PS3 uses it all on the turbo panel. It probably wouldn’t be an easy replacement, unless if you had the 360 Turbo panel and all the cords with it. Then it would be an easier replacement. It’s completely possible, but you’d be looking at a dual mod if you want to use the PS3 turbo panel.

You need an Imp or DPDT to have it share the USB cord. Of course, you could have 2 USB cords coming out, too. That is, if you dual mod. If you don’t know much about dual mods, I suggest reading this:


Thank you everyone. I’m new to this site and to modding. Glad to see there are alot of helpful people.


I recently did this, having two cords coming out. I soldered the buttons to the terminal strip, the directions to the pcb and the guide to the back of the home button. I would suggest an imp, a lot cleaner.


Also, if you have two system cables, and accidentally plug both in and power them… a Lot of PCB damage awaits.


actually nerrage if i am not mistaken that would only happen if the powers were connected to each other. in BartStations set up if i am correct i believe that he only has the controllers connected to the buttons through a terminal strip so no power is touch another power. So no blow up in this situation. I remember doing something similar to see how the lag compares between both systems and both pcbs were fine in that case.



Q: What are the golden rules?
A: The two golden rules of dual pcb mods:

  1. All pcb’s must be common ground.
  2. All pcb’s must be powered at all times.


Both PCBs must be powered at all times, which implies that VCC and GND will be connected to each other.

You COULD have it where the one of the PCBs was not powered, but that would require a diode for each signal wire to ensure that the PCBs don’t act up because one is not currently powered. In most set-ups, both PCBs are powered, but an PCB, whether it be Imp, ChImp, or Dualstrike, or DPDT switch decides which two Data wires are going out.

When you have two system cables, you don’t have the switch or PCB determining the data wires, but VCC and GND should be the same. If you’re not using diodes, that assumes that you have them both powered at once. But if you have diodes, no bad juju from pulling multiple systems. It highly depends on your set up, but the case almost always is that you’re running with both PCBs powered, but with one cable coming out, which avoids plugging both in at once, because you only have one cable.


wow all this tech lingo…


I’m sorry if I scare you from modding :sad:.


Yeah, I forgot to mention you do need them both powered, no matter what. Sorry, I was unclear. I was too impatient for one, so I have two cables. I will eventually get an imp and fix my dual mod.